1. Black O Rings

    Black O Rings


    6 o rings in a package

    Learn More
  2. Bondage Tape

    Bondage Tape

    The best tape to use when applying the tape stretching method. Zero stickyness & non adhesive Learn More
  3. Rep Cards

    Rep Cards

    Looking to help promote Hook your friends up with 20% off anything in the store Receive free giftcards to UBJ when you start making referrals Write your rep code on the cards and hand them out to friends & family When your code is used, we track it and will send you a gift card once you make 5 referrals/sales Learn More
  4. Plug Dude Sticker Pack (4 pack)

    Plug Dude Sticker Pack (4 pack)

    4 Stickers Peel off backs Size : 3.5" X 3" Vinyl Learn More
  5. Stainless Steel Replacement Balls

    Stainless Steel Replacement Balls

    Sold by the piece or in packs. 16G & 14G available 316L stainless steel For externally threaded body jewelry Learn More