1. Black O Rings

    Black O Rings


    6 o rings in a package

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  2. Small Ring Closing Pliers

    Small Ring Closing Pliers

    Large captive bead ring closers Learn More
  3. Push In Syringe Bead Holder

    Push In Syringe Bead Holder


    Handles small beads easily

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  4. UBJ Giftcard

    UBJ Giftcard

    Pick the gift card amount Choose whether you would like this emailed or sent via USPS We can send a gift code direct to your email, or have a gift card mailed to your address provided Learn More
  5. Rep Cards

    Rep Cards

    Looking to help promote Hook your friends up with 20% off anything in the store Receive free giftcards to UBJ when you start making referrals Write your rep code on the cards and hand them out to friends & family When your code is used, we track it and will send you a gift card once you make 5 referrals/sales Learn More