2017 Popular kinds of Piercings

This year is all about finding piercings that you love and making them yours! Whether that means a dainty nipple piercing or multiple conch piercings, you do you!

Here are some of our favorites to inspire your piercing exploits this year.

Gender Neutral Piercings!

When it comes down to it we often unconsciously stereotype piercings. But in 2017 we’ll be making a stand and we can already see celebrities following through.

For men, why not try out nipple piercings (some believe they heal faster on men anyway!), nose piercings or even ear piercings if you aren’t quite the piercing connoisseur.

For femms wanting more masculine piercings opt for heavy lip piercings, eyebrow piercings and tongue. Piercings that are considered more masculine are those that are thicker, heavier looking and multiple cartilage piercings.

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Applying Makeup to Facial Piercings

This question has popped up all over forums, Youtube videos and all over the net! How do you apply makeup around your piercings? When you’re dealing with a piercing such as a lip ring or cheek piercings, it can get tricky! Here are our tips and tricks for getting that pro makeup look without sacrificing your beautiful piercings.

Don’t Apply Makeup to a Healing Piercing!

It is never safe to apply moisturizer, sunscreen, or makeup to a healing piercing! Healing piercings don’t need any more bacterial in the open wound! You shouldn’t even be touching them without washing your hands first! So why would you apply makeup that may cause the piercing to inflame or get infected with bad bacteria?

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When Can I change My Initial Piercing Jewelry

Whether you’re excited to rock a new daith stud or labret piercing, changing piercing jewelry can be tricky business! Not only because it can be hard to get those tiny balls on the ends of jewelry, but when do you know how long is long enough to wait before changing the jewelry in a healing piercing?

If you’re struggling with this same query and are hopeful to be rocking some new piercing jewelry soon here is your answer.

Wait Until It’s Healed!

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Age to get pierced

Every piercing enthusiast has faced this issue at one very distinct point in their lives. When we're first starting to get into piercings and body modifications and we need to bring our parents along to that tongue piercing appointment – otherwise we can't get pierced! It's an issue we all have to look past for the good of all that is a qualified piercer and a healthy piercing.

But don't you worry! Here are the piercing and tattoo minimum ages across the united states, so that you can start dreaming of the day you can go out and get pierced without any issue.


Written consent is needed from parent/legal guardian for body piercing and tattoos. Ear piercings are exempt from this.


Written consent from parent or legal guardian for body piercing and they must be present during the piercing. Minors are not allowed to be tattooed.


Parent or legal guardian must be present for body piercing and tattoos. This does not include ear piercings which allow written consent.


The minimum age of piercing with consent from a parent/guardian is 16. They must also be present. Minors are not to be tattooed.


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Popular Piercing Healing Times

5/22/2017 12:41 PM

Piercings That Take The Longest to Heal

The more assessable to blood flow any area of the body means the less time it will take to heal. This means, unfortunately, that some of the piercings we love like industrial piercings and the bridge will take longer to heal! But that won’t stop us, will it? If healing times are a deal breaker, or if you just want to know what to expect, keep reading to find out the top five piercing healing times that take the longest!

Industrial Piercings & Other Cartilage Piercings

The healing time for the industrial piercings is from 6 months up to a year.

But why is this calculation vary so much? There’s a big difference between three months and twelve! But where ever I looked, no one could simplify the healing time of cartilage piercings into a more specific number. 

This is because the cartilage is so vast. There are so many places to pierce in the cartilage and the cartilage can be completely different from person to person – thicker or thinner, etc. That’s why experts say that a tragus piercing may take up to eight months to heal, while a helix piercing may take up to ten. 

In the end, if you do choose to get this sort of piercing, be aware that it will mean a lot of aftercare!

Navel Piercings

The healing time for the navel piercing is from nine months up to a year.

Now we love navel piercings, but those who do have them do spend a lot of time complaining about the healing process. It’s no wonder. Just imagine healing a tongue piercing for an entire year! While sure, it isn’t quite the same idea, it’s still a long haul of a process.

Nipple Piercings

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Things You Should Not Do Before Getting a Piercing

You might think that it won’t hurt to go out drinking the night before a morning piercing appointment or that skipping breakfast the morning of isn’t that big of a deal. But when it comes to getting pierced these are just some of the major things NOT TO DO before getting pierced. They will put you and maybe even your piercer in danger. Some of it is legally required and others are just common sense. You don’t have to make these mistakes!

Not Doing Research!

It’s important to look into your piercer’s practice before getting a body piercing from them to make sure they’re using gloves and sterilized equipment. Don’t forget to look into the piercing itself to find out exactly what you are to expect and the aftercare you will need. Even something as simple as the price needs to be researched!

Getting Drunk or Drinking at All

It’s actually illegal to pierce or tattoo anyone that appears to be under the influence. Even if your piercer just ends up smelling a beer on you! Alcohol thins out the blood and may make you bleed more when being pierced.  This actually works for caffeine and energy drinks as well. Lots of drinks will thin your blood!

The above are reason enough before even mentioning that alcohol may impair your judgment! No one wants to wake up with a spur of the moment piercing that they didn’t actually want.

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Body Piercings Easy to Hide

Do you want an awesome piercing that will really add to your look, but don’t want to spend half your day wearing clear retainers to hide them? Don’t worry! Here are our suggestions for awesome piercings that you will want to show off, but can easily hide your piercings if you need to for work or school. 

Back of the Neck Dermal Piercings

Dermal piercings are great because they can be done on almost any place on the body. As long as there is skin, you can pierce it! The back of the neck is a great place to get a couple dermal piercings because you can easily hide it with clothing or longer hair and easily show it off!

Just be careful, because this is an extremely sensitive place to be pierced and dermal piercings often reject. But other than that, we’re in love with this look!

Frenulum Piercings

Frenulum piercings – including smiley piercings and frowny piercings - are still on the cusp of popularity in the piercing community. They are piercings that are attached to the webbing between the lips and the gums. But don’t let that description stop you from realising how cute and versatile they really can be!

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Septum Jewelry 2017

Septum clickers, even fake ones, are still going strong for 2017! We love them, do you? Check out these ten epic septum jewelry styles we’re in love with for this year. Don’t be fooled, they’re all stainless steel and safe for healed piercings!

While you’re at it check out our post all about septum piercings, how they heal and how they’re pierced.

Check out this black tribal stainless steel septum clicker, for a look that’s dark, vampy and will bring a touch of darkness to your jewelry!

Black Septum Clicker

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All About Body Jewelry Sizes

While gauge is an incredibly important size to know for someone with piercings, there are other sizes and measurements that can also be important to how comfortable your jewelry is! Here is our guide to getting the comfiest fit.

These are especially helpful when buying jewelry online.

Ball Diameter

Whether you’re opting for a regular old ball closure for your circular barbell, a pointed cone, dice shape, heart or playboy bunny, the diameter of the closing end is important.

For piercings like septum it’s important to know the ball diameter so that you don’t entirely cover your nostrils – it happens!

More generally it’s all in the aesthetics. Why would you want a huge dice on the end of a 16g circular barbell?

How to Measure Ball Diameter

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Body Piercing Information

When getting pierced it’s important to find the right studio for you! Not just because you need to be comfortable with the employees and the price, but because choosing the wrong studio could lead to nasty infections or ending up with a piercing you didn’t want in the first place.

Here are the signs you should be looking out for when choosing where to get pierced:

They Don’t Show Examples of their Work

While getting examples of a studios work is often referred to when getting a tattoo, it can be just as important when getting pierced. Why get pierced when you don’t know what you’ll end up with? Who knows if they’re well known for spreading infections or using dodgy piercings?

They Don’t Use Gloves & Reuse their Needles!

Firstly, gross!

If you see a piercing place reusing needles or piercing without gloves, that’s the first and only sign you’ll need to have you walking right out the door. When getting pierced, hygiene is so utterly important that any piercer that disregards simple tactics like wearing gloves doesn’t actually care about your safety.

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Body Piercings

I for one, as a pierced person, am always harking on about how terrible piercing guns are. But what’s really so terrible about them? Well, keep reading to find out!

They Don’t “Pierce” as Much as “Push”

The way a needle works is that it’s actually hollow. That means that when pushed against your skin a circular hole is actually being cut out of the spot you’ve chosen. It may sound scary, but it’s much safer than the piercing gun alternative!

Piercing guns are much faster than a needle. This isn’t for the customer to feel less pain, but because it needs to be fast in order to jam the earring it uses as a needle straight into the ear. Rather than cutting a hole in the skin, a gun pushes the skin aside in order to make room for the earring. This can be really bad for your skin!

My ears were pierced with a gun when I was a young girl, and I can still feel a hard layer around the hole where the excess skin has been forced to reposition itself. Just imagine the damage this could cause to harder cartilage areas like the nose and upper ear?

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Upper Frenulum Piercing

We can all agree that the most beautiful thing a person can wear is a smile. A sign of happiness or appreciation, a person smiles an average of 20 times a day. The smiley piercing, or equally known as the scrumper piercing, will be noticed when a person smiles or their upper lip retracts. It is pierced through the thin, delicate tissue that connects the upper lip to the gums. Virtually pain free and obviously one of a kind, the scrumper is an up and coming piercing that people are getting done more and more everyday.


This piercing is known to have a quick and easy healing process, but proper care will be needed for a successful scrumper piercing! Since it is an oral piercing, caution must be taken with what one eats. Spicy food and extreme hot or cold food will make the piercing sensitive. Smoking and alcohol consumption will make the healing process more painful and put the frenulum at risk for infection and fall out. Kissing or any oral activity with another person is not recommended. The urge to touch this piercing will be prevalent in even the strongest of wills. Hands should be clean if this urge is too much. The tongue should not play with the jewelry either. Rinsing the piercing with warm salt water after meals and before bed is suggested by most piercing professionals. Avoid mouthwashes containing alcohol. For the scrumper piercing to heal and for you to be on your smiling way expect a month to three months of recovery time. The jewelry used by the piercer should be kept in until it is fully healed! 

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