New Wooden Gauges 2017

There are a few rules to wooden plugs. Keep them smelling nice and from splitting by oiling them up with jojoba oil. Never soak them in water or swim in them. And never wear them in healing piercings. Other than all this, they're an awesome organic style of plug that are light weight and look great! Just check out the newest styles that just hit the store!

Ying Yang Gauges

These yin and yang inlayed wood plugs feature a variety of wood finish. For the chocolate brown base is saba wood, the black half of the inlay is areng wood and the white is crocodile wood in order to make a 100% wood plug without any staining! Pretty incredible the variety of colors wood can be!

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Does a Lip Piercing Harm Mouth Gums

Have you ever expressed interest in getting a lip piercing but were faced with comments about them destroying your teeth and gums? We’ve all heard it before, but is it actually true? And if it is true, are there ways to combat the effect lip piercings have on teeth? Keep reading to find out!

Gum Irritation and Recession

A lip piercing that has a bar or ring that constantly rubs against the gums can cause irritation and after a period of time wear. A recent dental study stated that: 50% of people who had worn a long barbell stem piercing (longer than 1.59 cm) for more than two years had their gum tissue pull away from the inside of their lower front teeth.” So, there’s no denying that gum recession and wear can occur from oversized lip jewelry.

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Body Jewelry Piercing Sizes

Have you ever wondered about piercing jewelry sizes? Many piercings have “standard” sizes that they use for different kinds of piercings. For example, a nose piercing is usually much thinner than jewelry used in a lip piercing. Sometimes this is aesthetic, sometimes this is the safest size to pierce at to avoid the healing period going awry.

Of course, all jewelry and sizes vary depending on each individual’s anatomy and at the piercer’s discretion. Find out how to measure you own jewelry in this post here. Your piercer should take into account the placement of the piercing and your anatomy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t speak to your piercer about choosing another size. They may be able to accommodate you or explain why that size isn’t possible for you.

Let’s get into it!

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When Can I change My Initial Piercing Jewelry

Whether you’re excited to rock a new daith stud or labret piercing, changing piercing jewelry can be tricky business! Not only because it can be hard to get those tiny balls on the ends of jewelry, but when do you know how long is long enough to wait before changing the jewelry in a healing piercing?

If you’re struggling with this same query and are hopeful to be rocking some new piercing jewelry soon here is your answer.

Wait Until It’s Healed!

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What is a Corset Piercing?

7/31/2017 11:01 AM

Corset Piercing

A corset piercing is just a chain of surface piercings in at least two or more rows, laced together using a ribbon, chain or anther material that can be looped through a ring. It does not have to be in the shape of corset lacing as the name suggests, but is commonly so. This piercing can be done almost anywhere a surface piercing can be done, as long as there is enough space for the desired design.

Corset piercings are typically not a permanent piercing! Due to the strain that can be caused by consistently pulling on the skin by any threaded ribbon. Actually, ribbons should not be worn in a healing corset piercing at all! The pulling of the ribbons may put pressure or tension on a piercing that may cause it to migrate and not heal correctly.

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First Time Piercing Preparation Check List

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first piercing or your fiftieth, follow this guide on how to prepare for getting a piercing. Even the most seasoned pros still need to take safety steps in order to get a healthy piercing!

Find a Qualified Piercer with References

This probably wasn’t the first step you thought you’d see! But I can’t stress this enough. It doesn’t matter how well you prepare for a piercing, if you go to an unsanitary piercing studio or someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, you might end up with an infection or another serious issue anyway!

Check out our post on finding a qualified piercer to get your piercing off to the best start.

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Stone Plugs 2017

Stone plugs are great to look at, great for your ears and are an easy natural plug to look after. Simply give them a wipe over when they need it! Give your ears a break from all that plastic, or simply change it up with our organic range of stone plugs in tonnes of styles. Check out these new styles that just hit the store.

Double Flare Gold Obsidian Stone Plugs

You might be surprised to look at it, but Obsidian isn't quite a stone. It's a volcanic rock and comes in all kinds of shades from green and purple to rainbow and, like these double flared gold obsidian plugs here, gold!

These gold obsidian plugs are awesome because they change from a darker black to a more opaque gold color depending on the light. They'll make any black on black outfit go from boring to dimensional.

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Hot Navel Jewelry Styles

Belly button piercings are the hottest trend every summer! And why shouldn't they be? You can rock them with a killer crop top and low-cut jeans or show them off in a bikini when you are at the beach. They're the perfect summer piercing. Here are our picks for the top 5 hot belly button rings for summer that you won't want to miss!

Tradition and Neo-Traditional Style Tattoo Belly Button Rings!

Check out these traditional style tattoo belly button rings featuring swallows, roses and mermaids in bright colors. They'd be perfect to show off if you have any tattoo work, especially if it matches!

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Heartilage Piercing

A Heartilage piercing is a new ear piercing trend that started to gain traction this year in New York and has since spread worldwide through countless Instagram citing. It was named by the site Popsugar because essentially it's two side by side cartilage piercings connected by a ring that has been bent into the shape of a heart. We're in love with this earring trend and think it breathes new life into an old staple!

How Did it Gain It's Trending Status?

Following on from his success with his heart daith piercings – where he again bends a ring into a heart shape - Robbie Milian is the most visible piercer doing these heartilage piercings. He says that it all started by taking off the balls of a simple cartilage bar and turning the ends inwards!

The procedure of this piercing is pretty interesting because often it's described as bending jewelry that has already been placed into the piercing. This is so that the shape fits perfectly to the anatomy of the wearer.


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Constellation Piercings

It might sound like a constellation on your ear is a little too much to hope for, but you better believe it! Constellation ear piercing is this years newest piercing trend and we're a little bit in love. Keep reading to find out if you're just as in love with this new trend as we are!

What is a Constellation Ear Piercing?

When it comes down to it a constellation ear piercing is just a grouping of three or more ear piercings anywhere on the ear. Generally, these are done in designs that mimic star constellations when you look at them – not just a random grouping!

This also means that you can create any design you like that's entirely unique to you. Plus, you don't have to go into unknown territory if you'd rather stick to the ear lobe.

This trend was named by Brian Keith Thompson who works at Body Electric Tattoo for some of L.A's finest – including Beyonce!

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Girls Piercing Jewelry for the Summer

The best part of summer is throwing your hair up into those cute summer styles. Whether you're into 90s alien buns, man buns or the more classic milkmaid braids, accentuate your style with a new piercing that'll breathe new life into that summer up-do. What are you waiting for?

Layered Ear Piercings

Ear piercings are the best to combine with a simple up-do because it automatically makes it edgier and more complex! You could layer a bunch of ear piercings into a constellation style, combine an orbital and scaffold piercings or - for something more complex - what about tragus and anti-tragus piercings combined. Which ever way you combine the many kinds of ear piercings it always looks edgy and modern, no matter your style of up-do.


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Age to get pierced

Every piercing enthusiast has faced this issue at one very distinct point in their lives. When we're first starting to get into piercings and body modifications and we need to bring our parents along to that tongue piercing appointment – otherwise we can't get pierced! It's an issue we all have to look past for the good of all that is a qualified piercer and a healthy piercing.

But don't you worry! Here are the piercing and tattoo minimum ages across the united states, so that you can start dreaming of the day you can go out and get pierced without any issue.


Written consent is needed from parent/legal guardian for body piercing and tattoos. Ear piercings are exempt from this.


Written consent from parent or legal guardian for body piercing and they must be present during the piercing. Minors are not allowed to be tattooed.


Parent or legal guardian must be present for body piercing and tattoos. This does not include ear piercings which allow written consent.


The minimum age of piercing with consent from a parent/guardian is 16. They must also be present. Minors are not to be tattooed.


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