Plugs & Tunnels

Ear Gauges & Plugs

Browse the selection of plugs and tunnels. Available in acrylic, bone, glass, horn, silicone, stainless steel, stone and wood! Gauge sizes star at 16 gauge and go up to 2 inches.

  1. Sold in pairs (2 pieces) Screw on backs Externally threaded 316L stainless steel Hollow back Learn More
  2. Sold in pairs Black titanium anodized on 316L stainless steel Externally threaded Screw on backs 4G - 1 inch Synthetic purple druzy stone Pattern & color will be unique for each plug Length: 10mm. Wearable area: 6mm. The stone will stick out 3mm-6mm past the front side of plug Learn More
  3. Pick from 10g - 00g Learn More
  4. Sold in pairs (2 pieces) Single flares Smooth & polished Length: 12mm. Wearable surface: 10mm Clear "O" rings for the backs Pick from 8G - 1/2" Also available in double flare Handcrafted can vary +- 1mm Please note 00G has 2 sizes Learn More
  5. Sold in pairs Pick from 8G - 5/8" Please note each and every plug is unique due to the nature of the Amethyst stone We do our best to provide you a matching pair Clear "O" rings for the backs Smooth & polished Length: 13mm Wearable area: 10mm Learn More
  6. 6G - 1 inch

    Learn More
  7. Pick your size 8G - 5/8" Learn More
  8. Sold in pairs (2 pieces) Color & pattern will be unique due to the nature of the stone Single Flare Clear "O" rings for the backs Approximate 14mm full length Approximate 8mm wearable area Groves for the "O" rings Single flare without grooves also available here

    Learn More
  9. Sold in pairs

    Learn More
  10. Sold in pairs Smooth and polished surface Single flare Pick from 8g - 00g Agate stone Learn More