Spirals, Hangers, Pinchers

Spiral Gauges

Ear spirals, hangers and pinchers available in multiple sizes and styles. Wood spirals, bone spirals, horn spirals, glass pinchers and more!

  1. Acrylic UV Red Spirals

    Acrylic UV Red Spirals

    available in 9 sizes Learn More
  2. Red Pincher Plugs

    Acrylic Red Pincher Plugs

    8 gauge sizes to pick from Learn More
  3. Candy Cane Striped Glass Spirals Plugs

    Candy Cane Striped Glass Spirals Plugs


    sold in pairs

    Learn More
  4. Transparent Red Tribal Wing Spirals Plugs
  5. Red Rogue Glass Spirals

    Red Rogue Glass Spirals

    Pick from 8G - 5/8" Sold in pairs (2pc) Handcrafted Iridescent red pattern will be unique for each piece Glass Autoclave safe Hypoallergenic Learn More