Spirals, Hangers, Pinchers

Spiral Gauges

Ear spirals, hangers and pinchers available in multiple sizes and styles. Wood spirals, bone spirals, horn spirals, glass pinchers and more!

  1. Sold in pairs (2pc) Available in 2 sizes Small: 22 grams/pc (40mm x 25mm). Plug size 1/2" and bigger to wear Large: 36 grams/pc (50mm x 35mm). Plug size 5/8" and bigger to wear Learn More
  2. Sold in pairs (2pc) 21 grams each 10G or bigger to wear Silver brass Width: 50mm Height: 60mm Made from brass Brass is not meant for long term wear. May oxidize under extreme moisture conditions Learn More
  3. Pick from 2G - 5/8" Sold in pairs (2pc) Handcrafted Soda lime glass Autoclave safe Hypoallergenic Learn More