Spirals, Hangers, Pinchers

Spiral Gauges

Ear spirals, hangers and pinchers available in multiple sizes and styles. Wood spirals, bone spirals, horn spirals, glass pinchers and more!

  1. Acrylic Color Plaid Spirals

    Acrylic Color Plaid Spirals

    Sold in Pairs Learn More
  2. Black Pincher Plugs

    Black Pinchers

    Sold in pairs (2 pieces) 2 "O" rings for each piece Acryic Pick from 14G - 00G Learn More
  3. Rainbow Glass Pinchers

    Rainbow Glass Pinchers

    Sold in Pairs Learn More
  4. White Bone Spirals

    Bone Spirals

    Sold in pairs (2 pieces) Hand crafted Water buffalo bone Pick from 12G - 0G Learn More
  5. Solid Bone Pinchers

    Solid Bone Pinchers


    Sold in pairs

    Learn More