After being pierced your body is working hard to heal this new wound, making your after-care routine important for the health and longevity of your piercing. We want to ensure that you are empowered to take care of your piercings and we have everything you might need for a healing (or healed) piercing! Our diverse collection of aftercare sprays and soaps are meant to target multiple skin types and sensitivities. This is your one-stop-shop for everything to do with aftercare. Do you need mouth rinse for your new oral piercing? We got you covered! We have everything from inflammation spray to stretching salves! Get ready to boost your aftercare routine and make sure you have all the necessary items to care for your piercings.
  1. JoJoba Oil

    JoJoba Oil

    $ 7.99
    100% Pure Jojoba Oil 1oz bottle A little goes a long way! Learn More
  2. Neilmed Piercing Aftercare Spray

    Neilmed Piercing Aftercare Spray

    $ 9.95
    Size: 2.53 ounces No burning or stinging Sterile, drug free, and preservative free Manufacturer: Neilmed Spray on pierced area Learn More
  3. Silicone Flat Disc - Piercing Irritation Preventing

    Silicone Flat Disc - Piercing Irritation Preventing

    $ 0.40
    Sold individually (1 piece) Implant grade silicone Help prevent fresh piercing irritation Fits 20G, 18G, 16G, 14G Diameter: 7mm Learn More
  4. Recovery Aftercare Soap

    Recovery Aftercare Soap

    $ 14.99
    Size: 4oz Replenishes natural emollients Vegan-friendly Patented formula free of parabens, perfumes, and dyes Natural skin conditioning ingredients used to promote healthier, revitalized skin Apply sparingly and follow your piercing or tattoo artist’s instructions for aftercare Learn More
  5. Emu Oil

    Emu Oil (small)

    $ 4.95
    Quantity: 1 vial Size: 6cc Highly moisturizing Does not clog pores Promotes faster healing Manufacturer: Desert Palms Emu Ranch Emu oil helps strengthen skin and can prevent tears or blowouts Learn More
  6. Recovery Aftercare Sea Salt Mouth Rinse

    Recovery Aftercare Sea Salt Mouth Rinse

    $ 10.99
    Size: 8oz. Mineral-rich Maris Sal sea salt promotes healing and cleans lip, cheek, and oral piercings Flavored with peppermint oil to freshen mouth and breath Vegan-friendly; free of alcohol and artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors Price per one 8oz. bottle Learn More
  7. H20 Ocean

    H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray

    $ 14.99
    Size: 4 ounces Purified ocean saltwater Accelerates healing processes Manufacturer: H2Ocean Spray on pierced area Allow solution to dry and absorb into the skin Use every 3-4 hours as needed Learn More
  8. Seal Salt Piercings

    Recovery Aftercare Sea Salt

    $ 6.50
    Good for up to 60 Sea Salt Soaks Uses: Piercing Aftercare Solution, Bath Salt, Salt Scrubs, Therapeutic Treatments Unrefined, Natural White Color, Very High Mineral Content, Low Moisture 100% pure Dead Sea salt Learn More
  9. Zeep Plug Primer

    Zeep Plug Primer

    $ 11.99
    Aftercare stretch up salve 1/4 oz container Ingredients below Learn More
  10. Zeep Stretch-up Salve

    Zeep Stretch-up Salve

    $ 10.99
    Aftercare stretch up salve 1/8" oz container Ingredients below Learn More
  11. Piercing Aftercare Provon Antimicrobial Medicated Soap
    Out of stock

    Piercing Aftercare Provon Antimicrobial Lotion Soap

    Out of stock

    $ 9.99
    Piercing aftercare soap Learn More
  12. Ear Stretching Recovery Wash

    Recovery Aftercare Purified Saline Solution Wash

    $ 10.99
    All natural 1.5oz bottle Ingredients: Purified water, 0.7% sodium Chloride Learn More
  13. Recovery Aftercare Tea Tree Oil

    Recovery Aftercare Tea Tree Oil

    $ 7.99
    100% pure & natural A little goes a long way! From the Australian melaleuca tree Learn More
  14. Simple Care Inflammation Spray
    Out of stock

    SimpleCare Inflammation Spray

    Out of stock

    $ 10.99
    SimpleCare Instantly relieves itch and irritation and helps soothe the skin Organic based leaf & plant extract that provides effective relief from inflammation after a piercing 2oz bottle Learn More
  15. Smelly Gelly

    SMELLY GELLY - Keep Your Piercings From Smelling

    $ 10.95
    Keep those holes clean 8.5G tin For healed piercings and is not intended to be used as a healing aid Keep your piercings from smelling Ingredients listed below Learn More
  16. Funk Off Ear Stretching Deodorant

    Funk Off Ear Stretching Deodorant

    $ 14.99
    Keep your piercings & stretched ear from smelling All natural ingredients Lasts about 6 months 1/4 oz. Container Learn More
  17. Ear Stretching Holey Buttr

    Holey Buttr

    $ 7.99
    Premium cream for ear stretching maintenance Contains a natural blend of emollients and moisturizers Jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, rice bran oil, caster oil, soy butter 10g Learn More
  18. H2Ocean Sea Salt Mouth Rinse

    H2Ocean Sea Salt Mouth Rinse

    $ 10.99
    Size: 8oz. Arctic ocean mint No Alcohol No Fluoride No Sugar Brand: H2Ocean Price per one 8oz. bottle Learn More