Labret Piercing Jewelry

The lip piercing is done on the side or middle of the mouth and can be done on the upper or lower lip. This type of piercing has gained popularity and is also known as a Labret, Monroe, Medusa, Vertical Labret, Snake Bites, Spider Bites, Angel Bites or Dolphin Bites. There are so many options when it comes to lip jewelry. The two main types of jewelry are going to be: a captive bead and a labret / flat back stud. Here are our favorite pieces for the fall season!

Threadless Jewelry

Theadless labret jewelry is an awesome choice for lip piercings. These come in combo packs and are also sold individually by piece. Made of ASTM f 136 titanium with multiple gem settings to fit your style. The threadless design makes it easy to replace the top gem on your piercing. No more screwing on & off the tiny pieces to change them out. Over 70+ designs to pick from that will your piercing stand out.

1. 18G Titanium Threadless Labret + Clear CZ Top

2. 18G Titanium Threadless Labret + White Opalite Top

Threadless Opalite

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New Today: Red Glass Plugs!

8/29/2019 3:33 PM

Glass Gauges

Glass is a great alternative to stone, and they look amazing. These glass plugs are handcrafted, and they are unique, one of a kind pieces! They give you a simple yet daring look with their variation in color. You can go with a simple more pomegranate type color to a deep true blood red color.

Double Flare Red Glass Plugs

These double flair plugs are almost a blood red color and they are made of an incredibly strong glass called Borosilicate glass. These come in different sizes and you have the ability to choose from an 8G up to 1 & 1/4" inch (32mm). Since they are handcrafted glass, they can vary in size by +/- 1mm! These are double flared plugs and they stay in the ears nicely and they don’t require an “O” ring to keep them in place! Grab a pair of these smooth red beauties for $11.95. Link:

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New Nipple Piercing Jewelry August 2019

These hot new pieces are all about comfort and style. They rely on the simplicity of stainless steel and rose gold with the elegance of the CZ gemstones. These brand-new barbells are right on trend with the CZ and Rose Gold obsession. A hot piercing deserves elegance and a variety of styles. Showing off your nipple piercing has never been easier with this gold aesthetic. These gorgeous gems are for healed piercings and they are externally threaded. Check out the proper aftercare routine on nipple piercings here:

These beautiful 14G Double Gem Nipple Ring Barbells are subtle and sweet. It gives your nipples a small sparkle with the CZ ends. They are made with 316L stainless steel and they are the perfect addition to any healed nipple piercing. These beauties are sold in pairs for 12.95! Link:

Double Diamond Silver Nipple Ring


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New Grand Stone Ear Weights!

8/7/2019 2:04 PM

New Ear Weights

Stones are a fantastic when they are used in body jewelry! Each stone has its own set of metaphysical and physical healing properties. They also make for a gorgeous look and give you the perfect aesthetic!

Ternary Aventurine X Opalite X Amethyst Hanging Ear Weights

These are an absolutely stunning pair ear weights that combine an attractive array of stones. Opalite glass is a manmade material and it is inherently known as a great self-esteem stone. Opalite helps you recognize your own personal power and it is known to improve one’s self-worth. This is amazing when paired with Aventurine because Green Aventurine is known for its calming and understanding nature. This is a gorgeous stone that attracts luck and brings optimism for life. The next stone featured is an Amethyst and Amethyst is a gentle healer. This combination of stones is perfect for helping overcome stagnant energy and feel more confident in yourself. Each piece is approximately 16 grams and it is recommended that your ears are stretched to a 6G or larger to wear these. They are sold in pairs for 95$ and they are made from sterling silver. They are approximately 20mm in width and 110mm in height! These will add a gorgeous contrast and a beautiful energy to your ears! Link:

Triple Stone Organic Ear Weights

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New Today: Wooden Hangers!

7/24/2019 10:50 AM

New Organic Hoop Plugs / Gauges

Natural jewelry is an awesome way to spice up your stretched ears! This gives you an entirely new dimension of style. These handcrafted hangers will add an organic aspect to your look while keeping the environmental community in mind. Each of these pieces is one of a kind and no pair is alike!

Paisley Wooden Hangers

The Paisley Hangers have the most beautiful detailing and carving out there! They are a true paisley shape and each curve has defined lines and filigree. These pieces are sold in a pair of two and handcrafted with Saba Wood. The design is carved in the front and the pattern and the color of the hanger will be different on each piece due to the texture and color variation in the wood. Grab a pair of these gorgeous pieces of nature for $25.00 (pictured above).


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New Summer Cartilage Piercing Jewelry

It’s time to spice up your cartilage piercings with new shapes, stones, and styles. Showing off your cartilage piercing cannot get any easier with these new cartilage barbells. Each of these pieces has a unique design that is on trend and perfect for when you need a little extra sparkle.

16G Rose Gold Crescent Moon Cartilage Barbell

Rose Gold Moon Earring


How fantastic would this look in the upper ear or even the tragus!? This rose gold moon is hitting every note of perfection. Not only is it rose gold, but it is adorned with small CZ’s throughout the entire shape of the moon. This piece comes in a size 16g and the externally threaded ball is 2.5mm, allowing for the perfect grip on the piercing. It is made with 316L stainless steel and the barbell length is 6mm long, designed with comfort in mind. You can grab this piece individually for 8.95$.


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2019 Summer Belly Rings

It's about time to sit and shine in the sun during the spring and summer months. Show off your piercing and your personality with these unique belly button rings. These are some of the hottest trending belly button rings this season!

Blue Flower Belly Button Ring

Floral is perfect for spring and summer and the blue and teal colors in this piece are perfect when you need a reminder of the ocean waves. This perfect little daisy is sure to bring a smile to your face and accent any bathing suit.

Hanging Cat Face Opalite Belly Button Ring

It’s time to bring out your inner tiger with this tiger drop belly button ring. Not only does this piece scream fierce but it is going to shine when the sun hits those beautiful opals. Iridescent opals will sparkle against those warm rays of sun. There is no doubt that you will stand out amongst the crowd with this tiger.

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Colorful Nose Piercing Rings

The nose hoop is one of the more unique ways to show off your piercing! These Bioflex nose hoops have so many colors that allow you to express yourself in all different ways. Since these come in such a large variety of colors you can use them to conceal a piercing or to accentuate it. This is a material that bends very easy, which makes it a breeze to put in or remove! It is a great alternative to metal and works well for people who have metal sensitives or enjoy changing their piercings without breaking the bank! These nose hoops are not a full hoop they have a small opening where you can insert the hoop into the nose and a stopper at the end of the hoop. This stopper keeps your piercing safe and in place! Each of the Bioflex Nose Hoops come in an 20G or an 18G with a diameter of 8mm and 10mm. These are sold individually, and they are only 3.95$! You can get these in seven different colors which include; black, light blue, green, glow in the dark, blue, red, and purple!

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Urban Body Jewelry Ear Weights

Ear weights are a really awesome way to show off your stretched ears. Although, these are not a tool to help stretch the ears (They only stretch the skin on the very bottom of the earlobe) they are a great way to bring attention to the hard work you have put into stretching. The chain like style of ear weight is a new style that is taking over! Most ear weights are the same basic design, shields, keyholes, and coils. These weights will look fantastic on a night out!

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 Crystal Lovers Guide to Amethyst Body Jewelry

Amethyst is said to have many different metaphysical and physical prosperities. Purple amethyst has been known to soothe, calm, and stimulate one’s emotions and mind. This semi-precious stone is said to increase focus and provide a deeper connect with your inner self. Amethyst jewelry is simply stunning, becoming a quick fashion statement!

Amethyst Stone Plugs

No two plugs are alike! This is the best part of the stone; it is a natural stone that has a completely unique pattern. These plugs will put you in a purple haze of comfort and calmness. The depth in these plugs is completely unreal.

 Amethyst Gauges


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Titanium & Gold Nose Rings

It is time to switch up your jewelry for summer! What better way to treat yourself then with gold and florals? These brand-new pieces have just hit the shop and they are the perfect way to express yourself!

20G 14kt Gold Triangle L Shaped Nose Ring

This polished solid 14kt solid gold nose ring is super simple but different. It is a completely different shape then your traditional stud. The 3mm triangle sits flat on the nose for comfort and a subtle way to show off your personality. The L bend gives you the ability to take this piece in and out without the hassle. It is 6mm in length and the goal when wearing this piece is comfort and sophistication. You can get this gorgeously simple nose ring for 37.95$.


Quality 14kt Gold Triangle Nose Ring


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New Today: XL Wooden Hoops

5/3/2019 12:55 PM

Organic Wooden Hangers Gauges

Wooden plugs and hangers are a beautiful addition to your ears! Organic Jewelry is one of the most attractive types of jewelry you can find right now.

Everlast XL Wooden Hangers

The Everlast XL Wooden hangers are a simplistic way to showcase the natural beauty of the world. These hangers are handcrafted from Saba Wood and each piece is completely one of a kind. You have the ability to choose from a variety of sizes to fit your ears comfortably. Sizes / gauges come in 8G, 6G, 4G, 2G, 0G, 00G, and 1/2" inch. They are approximately 105mm x 90mm, but these sizes can range +/- by 1mm due to the nature of the wood. The Everlast Hangers are circular in shape and they are carved with small points around the perimeter of the circle. They are extremely simple, but they give your ears a sense of depth and they are the perfect representation of nature. You can get these in pairs for $37.95.

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