If you are still a bit of a newbie to stretching, then you need to become familiar with two very different types of plugs. One of these is the single flare plug, and the other is the double flare plug. What is the difference? They sound very similar. But Single Flare Golden Stone Gaugeswhile they might indeed look similar in some cases, these types of plugs are very different and are meant for very different situations as well. A single flare plug is your optimal solution when you are only starting to stretch. The double flare plug, on the other hand, is for more mature piercings that have achieved the new gauge already.

So what does the name of these plugs have to do with their differences? Well, a flare is a sort of lip that prevents the plug from sliding out of the piercing once on. A single flare plug has one such lip- the other side is usually perfectly smooth so as not to damage or irritate the delicate piercing. How do you keep them from falling out? There is a soft rubber O-ring from the back. On the other hand, we have the double flare plug, which, as you might have now guessed, actually has two flares or lips at both ends. Both of them are hard, and thus one will need to be forced through the piercing when worn. For this reason, it is important to only wear the double flare plug if your piercing has been comfortably stretched to the chosen gauge of your plug. Otherwise, the lip can end up damaging or tearing your piercing.

Double flare Plugs Wont Get Lost as Easy as Single Flares

However, while single flare plugs might seem like the safer option, they are sometimes not as attractive as double flare plugs. Some people also do not enjoy having to attach the O-ring from the back, because they might sometimes fall off and Golden Stone Ear Gaugesbe never seen again. But they are great for those who are only first stretching a piercing to a new gauge. As long as the plug has no indent for the O-ring, they will slip simply into place and be easy to use. But, beware of the indent- as this can cause the same kind of painful irritation that a double flare plug can cause if you are only beginning to stretch. Once the process of stretching is done, you can use a double flare plug. A saddle plug is also a great idea, because it has lips that are smoother and go into the piercing easier than the hard, straight edges. Not only can these be made of a number of various materials today, they also stay put well, and are becoming more and more popular.

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How do you keep your stone plugs clean? Do you always use the harshest abrasives that can work really well on durableUrban Stone Plugs Gauges materials and metals or gemstones? Or do you fear cleaning your body jewelry what so ever? Well, in either case, you are not doing the right thing. Cleaning your stone body jewelry is important, and with the use of the right supplies, you can do it quickly and easily- and most importantly- correctly, so that it doesn’t get damaged but still gets cleaned.

Why You Should Clear Your Stone Body Jewelry Plugs

First of all, why should you care about cleaning your jewelry at all? While it certainly does help keep it looking nice, there is another reason to why you may wish to invest the time to clean it properly. Stones often absorb odors very easily, and if this happens with stone body jewelry, you will end up smelling unpleasantly. Besides, cleaning your body jewelry is also important for sanitary reasons. Bacteria can develop on dirty jewelry, causing infections and other unpleasant events.

What You Need

Cleaning stone plugs might not actually be as hard as you’d imagine now. You won’t be needing any special How To Clean Stone Ear Gaugessupplies- and the only ones you will need are relatively inexpensive to get: mild antibacterial soap, soft brush or cloth and also some warm water. The only thing to remember is that everything has to be soft- especially the bristles on your brush, if you opt to use it instead of the cloth. Anything rough can damage your jewelry.

How To Do It

Be gentle with your jewelry as you rub your fingers around the stones in a bowl of soapy water. You may not even need a cloth or a brush- only if there is a lot of dirt stuck to the stones. Once the plugs are all cleaned, run it under a faucet or dip it into a bowl of clean water. After this, just leave it drying out for at least a good 12 hours. For a trick to make your jewelry shine, add a tiny dab of olive oil.

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Unakite (pronounced yü-nə-kīt) was born from the Unaka Mountains, which run along the borders of Tennessee and North Carolinas. As a semiprecious stone, it combines streaks of green epidote, pink orthoclase feldspar as well as some clear quartz in a beautiful combination. Because of this, the stone is considered “altered granite” and is named after a formation that blends two different states. While it is sometimes confused with epidosite, unakite is different because it also contains feldspar.

There are many different uses for this balancing gem. Because it seems to balance its components so well, it is Unakite Stone Ear Gaugesconsidered to help maintain a balance between the mundane and the spiritual life, and in this way creating a feeling of completeness. Because it is believed to also bring back the body’s natural balance, it is also used as a grounding stone.

Unakite is also said to possess some healing qualities as well. It supposedly removes negative energy from the 4th Chakra or the Heart Chakra. Some believe it is also capable of removing blockages from other Chakras, too. The stone has a reputation for stabilizing various body functions such as purifying the blood when worn around the neck or ankles or wrists. This balances impurities and removes any blockages.

Related to the mind, the stone also removes obstacles, especially those associated with personal growth. It helps with things like emotional trauma or pain buried deep in the psyche. Why would one wish to remove these obstacles? Well, the reason is quite obvious- when these obstacles are present, they can affect a person very negatively, and cause all kinds of illnesses incurable by mundane medical treatment.

Unakite is also special in other ways, as it helps build self-confidence. This is due to the fact that it removes the obstacles mentioned above, allowing self-confidence to return and thus grant the person more power as an individual. Lastly, unakite is said to be a benefit for babies and children. When given to a pregnant woman, it is said to bring on a healthy, stable environment with its blending abilities.

Checkout the single flare and double flare Unakite stone plugs below


https://www.urbanbodyjewelry.com /unakite-single-flare-stone-plugs.html

For a complete look at all the stone plugs in the collection click here: https://www.urbanbodyjewelry.com/plugs-and-tunnels.html?material=141


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 Today, as it has been for many years before and very likely from the beginning of mankind, human beings always tend to crave attention. Of course, this is not true for everyone, but in general, pretty much everyone likes to have company and a social life, and sometimes the only way to achieve this is to be a bit bold or daring and stand out In this way, other people Body Modification Piercingswill notice you much more quickly.

Body jewelry and tattoos are thus a great way to stand out in just such a way. If you have a curious piece of flashing jewelry or a large, noticeable tattoo, who wouldn’t want to ask about them? A long time ago, only people like belly dancers and sailors would be daring enough to spout body piercings and tattoos. At that time, they were considered far too unusual, and other people would only be able to stand out with a peculiar haircut or a nice shirt. But those bright eye-catching shoes that you bought last week might suddenly get too tight on the feet, or that shirt will get too boring to wear every day for a conversation starter. What then? Well, fortunately, now people are opting for a much more permanent.

While piercings and tattoos can require a lot of commitment, creativity and even bravery, it can also be a wonderful way to express yourself. Where new garments will already be in the donation box next year, and that haircut won’t cause you much pain and will likely grow out pretty soon, body modification means that you pick something truly personal that you like, spend money on it, and then keep it for more or less the rest of your life. This may sound a little scary at first, but on the other hand, it can be a great way to express your passions. If you are devoted to a special person, a special song, some kind of artwork or a particular location, you can tell the entire world about it without having to say a single word.

Body piercings may not be as obvious as a large, bold tattoo, but they are also great methods for expression. From nose to belly rings, to earrings and cartilage rings, there is bound to be something that will suit you. And
it’s your choice what you wear in your piercing as well- get a daisy for your earring if you’re a flower person, or a gold, diamond- studded ring to display your elegance.

It doesn’t matter who you are- you are unique and have a lot to tell about yourself. Whether you do that through tattoos, body piercings or both is up to you, but it’s a great way to start expressing yourself and to catch some curious eyes, just waiting to hear more about your story.

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 While you may not always keep in mind when to opt to wear your body jewelry, it is sometimes an essential thing to do to remember when it is appropriate and more importantly- when it is inappropriate to wear it. For instance, regular jewelry like bracelets and necklaces have been worn publicly for many years, and was never considered a bad thing. However, because body jewelry, such as nose rings, tongue rings, as well as some other types of more modernly accepted body piercings mightBody Jewelry Gauges not get you very good results for some situations.

Body jewelry can be a wonderful way of expressing yourself, and can have deep meaning and true beauty. However, despite this, it is considered inappropriate by society to wear body jewelry to certain events. For example, you would not show happiness at a funeral, because this would be viewed as though you are happy at the person’s death. Similarly, though you can definitely wear sweatpants and a t-shirt to a job interview, it might not get you the position you have been seeking. And of course, yelling at libraries or other civilized public places would also be considered unwise and irrational.

While the circumstances might seem different, much of the principles mentioned in the above situations can also easily apply to body jewelry. It might be seen as disrespectful to wear a labret or a nose ring to a funeral because it is such a delicate, serious event. Though you wouldn’t outright be saying that you aren’t serious about the situation, it might be seen as though you cannot be formal enough for the grieving process.

Besides this, other public events, such as meetings, interviews or appearances in court will also likely be better off body-jewelry-free. If you doubt that the person running the event will be wearing a nose ring, then it is better judgment not to wear one yourself.

You might feel as though weather you wear body jewelry or not pertains only to those pieces that actually show- but apparently, in some situations, this is not true. While a nipple ring or a Prince Albert wand might be normally hidden beneath clothing, wearing these at the airport security might cause some problems. The security agents might not be as understanding when their metal detectors start ringing

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What is a Labret Piercing?

5/17/2013 2:02 PM

 While it is now becoming more and more popular every day all over the world, the labret piercing are certainly not as well-known as some other facial piercings such as nose rings or regular ear piercings. Thus, it is important to define what it is Labret Body Jewelryexactly- a piercing in the area right below the very center of the lower lip. This is the more precise definition, but some people also consider regular lip piercings as well as Monroe piercings as part of this category. The labret piercing has been around for a relatively long time, and has been a special trend amongst the males of American Northwest Coast Indians. After a while, the piercing spread to females as well, and now both genders get them frequently.

Labret Piercing Healing Time

Compared to a lot of other piercings, labret piercings are especially slow to heal, because they are in such a delicate area. But despite the length of the piercing’s recovery, which could last anywhere from 9 to 12 months, they can be worth getting. However, just like all other piercings, it is very important for them to be kept clean and properly cared for.

How Much Does a Labret Piercing Cost?

Labret piercings will not cost you an outrageous amount of money. On the other hand, they are actually relatively inexpensive to get; the average price is around 50 dollars. Just make sure you get it done by someone who knows what he or she is doing, as a poorly done piercing can lead to unpleasant gum or tooth damage.Lip Rings

Where Do I Get Pierced?

Look for a tattoo parlor or a piercing shop to get your labret piercing, you will likely not need to look too far, especially if you live in a large city. On the other hand, however, if you happen to live in a smaller town, it might prove a bit more difficult, so try to travel out to a larger city if you’re having problems locating one.

The Meaning

You might be a bit disappointed to discover that unfortunately, labret piercings do not usually have a lot of sentimental meaning. Perhaps they used to, but there are not enough studies today to prove that they would be associated with possibly wealth or anything else. The only thing people know for sure today is that they were long ago used to help identify members of the tribe. But as this is no longer the case, you’re probably better off just finding your own meaning for your labret, or using it to enhance your lips.

If you're looking for labret/lip ring jewelry check this page out: https://www.urbanbodyjewelry.com/lip-and-labret.html

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If you’re looking to get a new piercing done, you might be feeling a bit anxious about the kind of piercer that you will be going to- since, after all, not only is a piercing more or less a permanent thing on your body, it is also very delicate, and can easily Piercing Gauging Shopget infected, causing potentially permanent problems. But don’t let this knowledge stop you from getting a piercing at all! Most piercers are pretty decent out there, and in the case you do encounter a bad one- just look for these signs and you’ll be sure to stay safe.


First of all, using common sense is key. If the piercer’s shop is dirty, you’re better off turning away. A good way to double check on the cleanliness is by asking to use the restroom- especially if it’s towards the back of the shop. As you stroll all the way there, take a careful look around. Are the floors dusty? Are the counters laden with undetermined sources of dirt? While some dust might be normal, there’s a fine line between what’s ok and what’s not. Don’t forget to glance at the piercer him or herself. Is he or she clean? Or do they smell a little funky? If they’re coughing or sneezing, you should probably come back another time. It’s alright to be sick sometimes, but you don’t want someone like that giving you a facial piercing.


While it is true that some states don’t actually insist that piercers get special training or licenses, it is still best to keep an eye out for them when you enter a shop. It’s unfortunate that some piercers have only their tools and experience to prove that they know what they’re doing, but if that’s the only thing you can find, then ask about it. How long has this piercer been What To Look For In a Piercerin the business? How much experience has he or she acquired? It might not feel completely normal, but you’re best off taking precautions when your body is in question.

Positive Feedback

Getting feedback, especially now that there are tools such as the internet, does not require too much knowledge of expertise, and can easily save you from a bad piercing. Just look up “bad piercer” or “piercer scam” and you’re all set to find out which piercers are good and which are not. Also, don’t be afraid to ask around. If friends have good piercings that have healed well, ask where they got theirs done. Don’t go along with your cousin Billy when he offers to pierce your nose in the basement. You might get away with an ok nose piercing, but then you might also get an infection, which is never a good thing. In any case, just make sure you know at least a little bit about your piercer’s reputation before you get yours done.

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 Opalite is an unusual semi-precious stone, frequently used for some very beautiful jewelry pieces. Weather you wear tunnels or plugs, this material will instantly be able to bring a unique kind of beauty to your ears, with colorful swirls that immediately attract great complements for everyone.

If you aren’t one to reach for attention as often, there is a wonderful side to opalite that you will find appealing- not only is the Opalite Stone Ear Gaugescolor of the stone soft and neutral, it will also pair up with pretty much any kind of outfit or attitude. For instance, if you prefer to wear darker colors, your opalite plugs or tunnels will bring a nice contrast to your outfit. On the other hand, if you usually tend to opt for brighter colors already, then opalite will be able to blend along with them very nicely, enhancing them with various flecks of gold, pink or green. No matter what kind of sense of style you have, opalite will make a great combination with it.

So what if opalite can be attractive when worn with anything? What if I can’t wear it? If you find that you are allergic to a lot of metal alloys that jewelry is now made of, or if you just have very sensitive skin, then don’t fret. Nickel and other cheap metal-free, this semi-precious stone will not likely cause any kind of irritation that other materials can often cause.

It is obvious that opalite is a valuable stone- it’s both attractive and comfortable to wear. However, shouldn’t that make it rather expensive? Well, the answer is- not at all! They are actually rather inexpensive compared to a lot of other semi-precious stones and jewelry materials. Durable, fashionable, safe and affordable, this is definitely worth buying.

You can see the a list of the different Opalite styles here: https://www.urbanbodyjewelry.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=opalite

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 If a wedding isn’t a cue for someone to wear jewelry, then nothing is. A wedding is one of the most special moments of any person’s life, and adorning it with something special such as diamond body jewelry is definitely a must no matter who you Wedding Day Body Jewelryjust so happen to be. In fact, diamonds had proudly represented the grand ceremony of a wedding ever since 1477, when Mary of Burgundy had received a diamond ring from Austria’s Archduke Maximilian. Therefore, take pride in your piercings on your wedding day, and make sure you pick some gorgeous jewelry.

Ear Lobes

Brides like to pull up their hair- weather it’s a sleek chignoir or a romantic messy bun. Any partial up do, however, will immediately call attention to the ears, which is why a beautiful pair of earrings is essential. Available are both the usual diamond studs to helix body jewelry as well as tragus of solid gold. Besides this, brides can opt for various shades of shiny colored stones, such as green, blue and even chocolate brown.


If you’re planning a nice little getaway to the beach on your honeymoon, you definitely need your navel to look as adorable as possible. So, accessorize! From basic gauges to shimmering plain diamond stones to more intricate things like tiny golden hearts, butterflies or flowers- there is always a broad range of attractive choices.


Is that cherry red lipstick not enough to grab the attention you want? Or do you feel like your lip gloss just isn’t as complete as you thought? Well, here’s your chance to add more of an interesting touch to your mouth- a stunning diamond labret ring. Madeby skillful jewelers- of only the best quality materials, these are sure to make a great impression on anyone. And with the large variety of colors available, you will certainly be able to find one that fits your personality.


Surprisingly, nose rings are becoming extremely popular with brides today, but it isn’t too hard to realize why. Nose rings are not always easy to spot, but if they’re made of shimmery diamonds, they are sure to grab the attention of everyone and make the bride look extra special. And that is very important on such a major day, especially when it is so vital for everything to go grandly and smoothly to guarantee a happy future.

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Meaning Behind Hematite Plugs

6/18/2013 12:44 PM

While certainly not everyone may have heard of hematite, it is actually a very major part of human life and has been this way since the beginning of time, or so it is believed. Evidence would indeed support this, since it is associated with the very first root chakra. This means that it plays a major role in the spiritual level by helping to calm fears and to encourage higher personal energies.

But apart from this, hematite also carries some art related properties as well as emotional ones. Its name comes from haima, a GreekHematite Stone Ear Gauges word meaning blood, which was associated with it due to the mineral’s frequently reddish coloring. It is because of this that many different cultures have used this hard, brittle iron oxide as pigment for their cave paintings as well as body paint, which was said to protect warriors in battle. Today, however, most hematite used is a grey, polished surface.

As for physical healing, hematite was used often to support various body functions, such as kidneys and the blood. For instance, it would be used to improve iron absorption into the bloodstream, or to help with kidney problems. It would also be sometimes used to help with blood clotting and removing unwanted chemicals or toxins from the blood. It is in this way that hematite has long promoted healing and the balancing of hormone levels. How does it balance hormone levels? Well, while it might not target the hormones themselves, hematite is said to calm the nervous system and help with headaches and concentration problems. When paired with magnets, hematite’s healing properties increase, and it is sometimes used to protect people from the negative energy that one might acquire from working on the computer or other electronics for too long. Hematite also is believed to support the achievement of various goals through the reduction of stress and elimination of negative thoughts. Related to the powerful planet Mars and its astrological sign of Aries, the stone ensures that people do not limit themselves and always strive higher. In this way, hematite can promote optimism and a good mind set.

Hematite has many positive affects upon not only the body, but also the soul and the mind. But besides this, it is also frequently used in the everyday world. For instance, it can be considered a talisman that will protect the wearer from negative energies and also helps with his or her own feelings by bringing on a sense of calm to the person. The stone is also said to help prevent people from getting too involved in others’ problems, and is often used in meditation for the purpose of resolving legal disputes and other serious judgments. If insterested we do have Hematite plugs that are available on the website https://www.urbanbodyjewelry.com/plugs-and-tunnels/single-flare-hematite-stone-plugs.html.

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While piercings today have become more and more popular, they are still something that requires good planning and preparation. They started out as being a single piercing on each earlobe for women. After that they moved on to being several piercings along the ear and from there people began getting tongue, lip, navel and even eyebrow piercings. Now, piercings are very common amongst society pretty much everywhere. However, there are still some things that you may Getting Ears Pierced Gaugedwish to think about before joining the crowd.

It’s great if all of your friends, cousins and siblings have cool piercings, but that doesn’t mean that you automatically need one too. Make sure that you are the one who really wants that piercing- not your secret admirer or anyone else. While a piercing can in fact be removed, you might never be able to get rid of the scar that it would leave.

Next, carefully consider the facility in which you will be getting your piercing done. If it is unsanitary, you can easily catch hepatitis or HIV- which is definitely not something anyone would want to do.

Do a little research on the piercing studio before you go there and get your piercing. Ask around- if your friends have great piercings that you like, make sure to find out where they got theirs done before just randomly strolling into a piercing parlor.

Make sure you give your piercing plenty of time to heal. Some piercings, like the navel and cartilage tend to heal very slowly and thus you might wish to wait to get them after your trip or vacation far away. While oral piercings do heal faster, it is still better to be aware of the healing period.

Alcohol is not reccomended in the piercing area, as this may easily dry out your skin and cause pain or irritation. Opt for something a bit softer- such as antibacterial soap, which will be just as affective but more gentle.

Keep in mind your job or school piercing policy before getting one. If they need to be hidden, make sure to get a piercing that will indeed be concealed.

What kinds of body jewlery do you plan to wear? This is another important thing to think about. If you want to use a large post, don’t get your piercing in a place where it will look strange. It is usually better to opt for smaller jewelry for the face, as it won’t attract as much attention but will still look delicate and interesting. While piercings can indeed look very attractive, they are more than garments and need to be carefully planned for.

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Our Earth can offer many different jaw-dropping and eye catching varieties of stones that provide amazing color combination for all kinds of jewelry types. These stones can be found all over the world, originating from many different places and Turquoise Ear Gaugesconstantly being incorporated into stunning body jewelry pieces. One such stone, for instance, just so happens to be the Turquoise. This particular stone is well known for its remarkable, bright color- the color often associated with the Caribbean Sea or some other body of water.

Turquoise was first found in Europe, and its name stands for Turkish in old French. This is because most of the material was originally from where the name suggests. Iran has actually been mining this beautiful stone for the past 2000 years in a region known as Persia. To the Iranians, Turquoise goes to represent a valued symbol of Heaven on Earth and this is why they used it not only in jewelry but also in a lot of richly decorated ancient architectural projects as well.

Single Flare Turquoise Stone GaugesToday, Turquoise is not only a stone but also a color- and a color of great beauty it most certainly is. The stone Turquoise itself is also used in numerous different ways- from necklaces to jewelry plugs to finger rings and other amazing body jewelry. With the large diversity of possible body piercings available right now in every society, even belly rings can incorporate Turquoise to enhance the look of the body.

Turquoise jewelry can become an exotic and often a much admired touch of color that people can easily find at local jewelry shops. It is usually not overly expensive and can be a very beautifying addition to anyone’s closet. The shades of this stone can range from very bright and bold to a light gentle tone, and this allows for a lot of different variations and preferences to be satisfied. In any case, Turquoise body jewelry plugs can be a wonderful thing to try to experiment with for anyone who wears ear plugs for stretched ears. If you're interested in this type of jewelry, we have gauge sizes 10g, 8g, 6g, 4g, 2g, 0g, 00g, 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8" and 1 Inch available on the website.

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