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Belly Button Piercing

Navel piercings are a beautiful addition to a female’s belly button area. They accentuate the abdomen and increase the sensuality of the female body. There are men that also have this piercing, but it is much more prevalent in females. This type of piercing adds sensuality and draws attention to the abdomen. This is one of the most popular piercings today, other than the ears.


The history of the navel piercing is fairly new in popular culture. However, there is information that suggests that the ancient Egyptians believed this piercing was worn by men as a sense of manliness and courage. They believe the link that the navel is a connection from life on Earth to eternity. There was a point where many body jewelry artists remember it emerging in modern day culture. It happened in a 1993 fashion show and Christy Turlington was the first to publically adorn this piece of jewelry. From then on, it became a very popular and common piercing. The piercing is extremely popular in females and can even be accentuated with a belly chain. It has gone from representing manliness to representing sensuality and femininity over the centuries.

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Hot Navel Jewelry Styles

Belly button piercings are the hottest trend every summer! And why shouldn't they be? You can rock them with a killer crop top and low-cut jeans or show them off in a bikini when you are at the beach. They're the perfect summer piercing. Here are our picks for the top 5 hot belly button rings for summer that you won't want to miss!

Tradition and Neo-Traditional Style Tattoo Belly Button Rings!

Check out these traditional style tattoo belly button rings featuring swallows, roses and mermaids in bright colors. They'd be perfect to show off if you have any tattoo work, especially if it matches!

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