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Body Jewelry Piercing Sizes

Have you ever wondered about piercing jewelry sizes? Many piercings have “standard” sizes that they use for different kinds of piercings. For example, a nose piercing is usually much thinner than jewelry used in a lip piercing. Sometimes this is aesthetic, sometimes this is the safest size to pierce at to avoid the healing period going awry.

Of course, all jewelry and sizes vary depending on each individual’s anatomy and at the piercer’s discretion. Find out how to measure you own jewelry in this post here. Your piercer should take into account the placement of the piercing and your anatomy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t speak to your piercer about choosing another size. They may be able to accommodate you or explain why that size isn’t possible for you.

Let’s get into it!

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Organic Tribal Jewelry Rings Plugs

We love the tribal piercing jewelry trend! From stretched ears with pretty metal weights, bone septum jewelry or some simple tribal designs in your ears, there are so many options for how to rock it. There’s something for everyone!

Septum, the Lips and Stretched Ears Have Tribal Influences to Start

When it comes to some piercings like the septum, the lip and the ears, historically they already have tribal influences. The septum for example is a piercing that effortlessly oozes the tribal look even with just a silver septum clicker in place! It stems back from when warriors would stretch their septum to fit a tusk or horn in order to look intimidating to their opponents. How cool is that?

But don’t be dismayed! The tribal trend is for everyone. These places are just easier tribal influences that can be toned down and at the same time not entirely lose the look.

Brass Metals, Worn Silver and Rose-Gold Piercing Jewelry

An easy way to take any piercing to a tribal place is to opt for a metal with a different color variance. Brass metals are cheap and cast off a beautiful old-time look! Mix it with some opalite stones and you’ve got a look that will transform you into tribal goddess.

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How to Sterilize Body Jewelry

You may think that a piece of body jewelry you just bought online or from a piercing jewelry shop is ready to wear, but actually it’s important to take the time to clean it first! There are several ways you can clean your body jewelry with a piercing shop’s help or at home. Because you don’t want to introduce anything nasty into your piercing that might cause infection!

For New Body Jewelry or Jewelry Already in Your Collection

This process is for cleaning non-organic materials only. Non organic materials include everything from titanium, acrylic, glass, stainless steel, etc. Basically the harder materials that can stand up to a good cleaning! This is a good option for jewelry bought online or at a piercing store because often times these will still have leftovers of production dust and bacterial from handling and packaging on them.

You Will Need

You’ll need anti-bacterial soap (make sure it’s fragrance free), a sink with running water, a sink plug or face washer, and paper towel.

The Process

First, wash your hands with the soap very thoroughly to get rid of anything that might be hanging on there. You might be surprised with how much bacteria we pick up with our hands on any given day with everything that we touch whether at home or while out of the house!

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Materials for Body Jewelry

When it comes to piercing jewelry we have so many options to choose from! It’s important to read up on all of the different kinds because often piercers won’t give a crash course in metals when you first get pierced. You’ll need to find out for yourself – whether that means having an allergic reaction to a material that doesn’t fit your piercing or taking a couple minutes to read our easy guide!

 Surgical Stainless Steel

This material is often used in new piercings and while stretching, but it is also a little controversial. It has a small percentage of nickel in it (the better quality, the less nickel) which can be irritable, often causes allergies and does not help infections heal! Yet, it’s still used by most piercers because it can be autoclaved, inexpensive and is easy to find in a million styles.

Stainless Steel Body Jewelry


Titanium is what is considered to be the all-end-all of piercing materials. It’s able to be properly sterilized, is light to wear, is more durable than surgical steel, it’s rare to have an allergic reaction to it, and gives off a beautiful metallic shine or anodized to create a range of pretty colors. What more could you want?

Titanium Piercing Jewelry

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Halloween Body Jewelry

1) How do vampires get around on Halloween night? By blood vessels. These Kiss of Death Plugs will have all unwanted ghouls scurrying away. That is, until they realize how much they want them too! Rocky Horror themed, the black and white stripes will match just about any costume, and the blood-red lips will stand out with a vengeance. Single flares with red "O" rings for the backs. These are available in 2G, 0G, 00G, 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", and 1 inch

Kiss of Death Gauges

2) Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road? He didn’t have the guts. Maybe you will have the guts to wear these timeless Skull tunnels. To top it off, while you’re out trick or treating, or partying it up, the skulls will glow in the dark. A two-in-one? Yes, please! Pick from 0G, 00G, 1/2", 9/16”, 5/8”, 3/4", 7/8”, and 1 Inch. Single flare shaped with black "O" rings for the backs

Skull Gauges

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Body Jewelry Online

It used to be that taking a trip to a professional piercing shop was the only way for pierced folks to buy new or replacement jewelry. Now, much like every other product on the planet, there are a wide variety of online retailers available from which you can buy body jewelry online. But before you dive in and fill your cart with new goodies, read these tips to avoid some common problems that occur when purchasing body jewelry online.

1. Use the correct jewelry for the anatomical placement of your piercing.

Different piercings need different types of body jewelry for optimum comfort and minimal rejection. Wearing the wrong jewelry could eventually cause the tissue around the piercing to become misshapen, irritated, infected, or scarred. Our body jewelry is divided into multiple categories and also sizes so you can easily browse for what you need by what you have.

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