Its that time of the year again! I lined up five styles of plugs that might fit well with your costume this Halloween. All plugs are sold in pairs and orders over $20 ship for free. With that said, below are this years Halloween plugs.

Day of the Dead Plugs -

Day of The Dead Gauges






















Solid Day of The Dead Design on the front.

Screw on backs to keep them in your stretched lobes.

Single flares

2 Gauge - 1 Inch

Glow In The Dark Silicone Plugs -

Glow in The Dark Gauges























Bright green silicone plugs

Double flares

8 Gauge - 1 Inch

Stainless Steel Skull Tunnel Plugs -

Skull Gauges























2 "O" rings for the backs

Polsihed & smooth surface

2 Gauge - 1 Inch

Single flares

Kiss Of Death Plugs -

Kiss of Death Gauges























Shiny crisp & clear red lips logo.

Red "O" rings for the backs

Single flares

2 Gauge - 1 Inch

Lil Zombie Plugs -

Zombie Gauges
























Colorful Zombie with brains logo

2 black "O" rings for the backs

Single flare

2 Gauge - 1 Inch

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