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Popular Industrial Cartilage Jewelry

The industrial piercing is a favorite amongst body modification enthusiasts – us included! How could it not? Its two piercings in one that are combined by a thick metal bar! How awesome is that? If you love industrial piercings as much as we do, maybe you’ll love our list of the five on-trend industrial barbell styles happening right now.

Not So Straight Styles of Industrial Barbells

Who said anything about straight barbells? What we want is something jagged and edgy! If you feel the same you’ll love these bent barbell styles that look out of this world. Go wavy with this colorful triple wave industrial barbell or completely jagged with this jagged stainless steel industrial barbell.

Boho Cartilage Jewelry

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Industrial Jewelry

Industrial or scaffold piercings cross across the ear shell from the helix to the anti helix cartilage. It's popular with both sexes and is usually connected using a long straight barbell. This is technically two piercings and many piercers will actually pierce separately with two pieces of jewelry for ease of healing. A scaffold piercing can actually refer to any two piercings connected with a long barbell.

Depending on your piercer and your anatomy you may be pierced with either a 14g or a 16g barbell. The 14g is a larger barbell than the 16g by a fraction of an inch (0.013).

Most piercers will have a preference between 14 and 16g for industrial piercings and while having a 14g means you can swap out for 16g jewelry you cannot do it the other way around without pain. This piercing does not stretch well so it's unusual to find industrial jewelry that is any bigger then 14g. Since it causes less stress and less pressure on the tissue many piercers prefer to pierce using two captive rings or two studs instead of a single scaffold bar.

When choosing the jewelry you will want to make sure it's good quality. Most body jewelry is made of stainless steel, but not all steel is created equal. For sanitation purposes, you'll want to choose 316L or 316LVM stainless or Titanium. Titanium is actually an alloy of stainless steel which means its equally safe. If you're not a fan of the plain steel look then titanium can also be anodized to create beautiful colors.

Industrial Jewelry

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Industrial Barbell Piercing

What is an industrial piercing you may ask? Well, it is any two pierced holes connected by a bar. It is also referred to as a construction bar piercing. However, it commonly referred to as a piercing that takes place in the upper cartilage of the ear. One piercing is at the top of the ear, closest to the head, and the other piercing is on the opposite side of the ear. A straight barbell is placed in the first piercing hole from behind the ear and placed diagonally across the front of the cartilage into the other piercing across from the head. It is secured with a screw on bead/barbell behind the ear. If there are two industrial piercings in the ear, it is usually termed a cage piercing.


The standard size of a piercing diameter is usually 14 gauge, but some even go with a 16 gauge at first and then upgrade to a 14 gauge after the piercing has healed. It is actually easier to heal if the piercings are first pierced with captive bead rings in the hole, until the piercings have healed. Once they have healed, the captive bead rings can be removed and a straight barbell can be worn in their place. Sometimes this method can make it pretty hard to fit an elongated barbell into the holes, which is why some people will use a flexible barbell made of bioplast when they are first pierced to make the healing process easier and less confined by metal jewelry.

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Industrial Piercings 101 

So, you are considering an industrial piercing? Well, it is actually two piercings that only requires one piece of jewelry. The traditional industrial piercing involves a piercing in the anti-helix and helix portion of the upper ear cartilage. The piercings are usually 1.5 inches apart and connected by a long, straight barbell. Your piercer will determine the appropriate distance of the piercings based on the shape of your ear. There are even vertical industrial piercings that connect two conch piercings in the rook and daith locations. Some people get a little wild and get two industrial piercings that cross in the middle, called the cage.

What Side Do You Get An Industrial Piercing?

When it comes down to choosing a side for an industrial piercing there’s a few things to consider. First there are no stigmas to piercing one side over the other. Choose the side that feels the most natural. Whichever side you imagine it on is the side you should go with. Some people’s ears might not have the prominent ridge necessary for an industrial piercing. If you have any doubts on the anatomy of your ear for this piercing then your professional piercer should be able to tell you. Also if you are a heavy side sleeper then maybe consider getting pierced on the side you don’t sleep on.

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The industrial piercing is a piercing that combines two holes by one piece of jewelry. It is typically considered a tough, sexy look for several reasons. First, it is a cartilage piercing, which are generally a bit more unusual. Second, they can be a wonderful way of self-expression, allowing for endless possibilities of jewelry styles to be worn, thus displaying the individual’s personality better than any other piercing.

You may have heard of industrial piercings by definition but no by the name- and that’s because there are several names Heart Industrial Jewelryassociated with it. Sometimes it is called the scaffold piercing, while other times it may be referred to as the construction piercing. In any case, the most frequently used term is still considered the industrial piercing, and an “ear cage” is a better agreed upon term referring to when a single ear contains more than one set of industrials.

Since there is such a great variety of styles that can match this piercing, a lot of people appreciate it a lot. The most common piece of body jewelry worn would likely be the regular surgical steel barbell, but there are actually endless possibilities. For instance, jewels on the barbell can make up your various designs of preference if you like sparkle. Usually, these jewelry pieces are made of titanium, which is the purest, safest kind of metal. A benefit of using this material for the industrial piercing is that is can be colored bright neon colors.

Spiral industrials have become increasingly widespread as well in society everywhere. You can have the option of choosing anything from loose, gentle tendrils to simple single spirals to tight little wiggles or even double-twisting spirals. This gives you a lot to choose from, making your personal selection all the more unique and individual.

And finally, there are barbells that have acrylic balls that can provide just the pop of color that you’re looking for. Another way to add some zing to your look would be to wear arrow jewelry for this piercing- an arrow through your ear, or an arrow through hearts or skulls. In any case, you will definitely be able to find something that suits you with this piercing!

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