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Organic jewelry has been on an extreme rise as of lately, and this is much due to the fact that natural things have become Wood Spiral Gaugesextremely admired for their beauty. For a while, the world was only interested in futuristic fashion trends, with metallic shine and glitter. Now, however, nature has made a comeback. All of a sudden we’ve begun to pay more attention to nature and its attractiveness, and this is very clearly reflected in the body modification industry.

Organic body jewelry plugs are not just naturally beautiful, though. It’s also really healthy for mature piercings (Be careful not to wear organic jewelry in fresh or unhealed piercings! It is unsanitary, since organic jewelry cannot be properly sterilized, and can thus lead to infections or other healing problems). The porous nature of organic material allows piercings to breathe much better than other materials do. This ventilation allows for the removal of any foul odors as well as for improved moisture of the skin in many cases.

 The porous nature of organic material allows piercings to breathe much better than other materials do. 

Wood Ear GaugesAnother great perk of organic jewelry is that it’s eco-friendly. By using natural materials, you avoid burning fossil fuels for the creation of plastics and glass, as well as for the smelting of metal. Cutting out an earring from wood requires much less energy than does manufacturing that of an acrylic plug, at least on an ecological level. Thus, by using organic jewelry, you can benefit not just your piercing, but the environment, too.

Organic jewelry makes use not only of wood. Other materials used for various piercings are stone, bone, and shells. Of course, some types of organic material may be a bit heavy for piercings, especially if you’re planning to wear a humongous piece. Nevertheless, organic jewelry also offers a great variety of light materials, such as certain types of wood, which can be excellent for all types of healed piercings. So don’t fear the thing that makes the world go round! Try out some of nature’s best products for your piercings.

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Septum clickers are very trendy at the moment. The appealing part about a septum clickers is that they are easy to take in and out. The stainless steel bar easily opens and closes which makes them comfortable to wear. Most sizes / gauges come in 16G but we also have some 14G styles available too. Below are five new clicker styles we released this month.

#1 Mustache Septum Clicker

Mustache Septum

#2 Five Aqaua Cz Gem Clicker

Aqua Gem Septum Clicker 

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Today, fashion has become something that is valued by pretty much every individual. Fashion trends have developed over the past couple of years to dominate over what the society likes and dislikes. Women are especially considered to be intertied with bold fashion statements and looking attractive for men. Body jewelry is now playing a major part of this, thus becoming a valuable part of women’s lives. But women aren't the only ones using it- men, too, are getting involved in wearing attractive andPeople With Piercings intricate jewelry pieces.

What is body jewelry? Body jewelry is not the kind of jewelry that you would wear on your fingers, neck, wrists or ankles- it is jewelry that goes through a part of your body, such as the earlobe or the nose. Young people especially seem to express a lot of interest in body jewelry because it is such a great way to express yourself. In fact, 70 percent of college bound students are said to use body jewelry as some sort of self-expression. Where do they wear body jewelry? Well, just about anywhere! Since it has become so popular, there have been many innovations made to body jewelry technology and this allows for all kinds of unusual piercings, ranging from tongue to nose to belly button piercings.  

Young people especially seem to express a lot of interest in body jewelry because it is such a great way to express yourself

If you are a fashionable person, you can easily keep up with the trends of today by getting a funky piercing yourself. Just pick the kind that suits you best- weather that would be a tongue piercing, a nose piercing, or something else. Whereas in the past, only women were limited to getting nose piercings, now both genders are known to get this kind of body modification to stay trendy.

A lip piercing, too, is a great kind of body piercing. These can be worn either in the corner or at the center point of the labret to add some sizzling style to the face. As with nose rings and other body piercings, many different colors, materials, sizes and styles are available for the eyebrow piercing. In this way you can find one that best suits your own personality and make yourself stand out from the crowd.

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Trends come and they go, but despite the fact that they are not always very long lasting, trends often are valuable to keep track of because they can help someone be able to stay stylish and up to date. A recent trend that has become especially popular Anchor Gaugeswould be the anchor trend. This particular fashion has been coming and going for quite a while. Many years ago it was first used by the Christians as the cross so as to avoid persecution by the Romans. Several hundred years later, the anchor became a part of sailor fashion and culture. Sailors would get anchor tattoos to show off their knowledge and relationship to the sea. After this, anchors once again became popular as a symbol for being in a relationship. The anchor would mean that you had a significant other and that you were already taken.

Today, the anchor today stands for stability. The past five years have brought it back into the fashion world and made it very popular. Some believe that this is due to the economic Silicone Anchor Plugsdepression occurring worldwide; people want to show that they are grounded and have some stability using the anchor.

Who is the most frequently involved with the anchor? Typically, it appeals to hipsters and Indie groups who wish to be especially trendy. Anchors show up on many different things- from clothing to tattoos and various kinds of body jewelry. Whether you like plugs, belly rings, or necklaces, you will surely be able to find something that fits your style on

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Philosophy may or may not have existed before body piercings, but what is certain is that both of them tie in together and tend to have a deep connection for a lot of people, no matter what culture they come from. But before we can determine why this is so, it is important to understand some of the philosophical symbols that exist out there and what they stand for or what they mean.

Hasma HandFor instance, one of the most popular philosophical symbols today must be the Yin and Yang. It is the black and white circle that seems to dominate in a lot of cultures. The two contrasting colors represent the dualities of our world: fire and water, male and female, hot and cold, earth and air. In each given example, neither can exist without the other, and this is represented by the small dot on each of the segments of the circle in opposite colors. It is this philosophy that has been adapted by Buddhism in India from the original Taoist Philosophy of China.

But this is not the only symbol that people often consider for body jewelry or for a lot of meaning in general. There is also the Hasma, whose origins are unknown but which has become widely used by many religions, predominantly by Islam. The Islam religion believes that the Hasma is the Hand of Fatima, who is the prophet of Muhammad. However, the symbol begun to be integrated into the Jewish religion as well, after much influence from Islam. The talisman for them stands for the Hand of Miriam, the sister of Moses and Aaron. This is believed by mostly the Sephardi as well as the Mizrahi communities. In any Ying Yang Gaugescase, however, the symbol in general is believed to ward off the Evil Eye and to protect anyone who bears it.

Today, both of these interesting philosophical symbols and many more are still included in a lot of everyday popular markets. Different household items often display these symbols for the protection of the home, but body jewelry has also expanded to incorporate them vividly either for personal protection or just for style. Someone might now get a belly ring with the Hasma symbol, or earrings with the Yin and Yang. Whatever your culture or beliefs may be, do not ignore the magical beauty of philosophical symbols, and do not be afraid to use them in your body modifications.

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If you're looking for a type of plug that's going to catch someones eye, the Scorpion clear resin plugs might do the trick. Double flares designed to keep the plugs in your stretched lobes without "O" rings. These have limited sizes / gauges and are available in 5/8", 11/16", 2/3", 7/8", 15/16". Sold in pairs so you only need to mark 1 as the qty. Smooth surface free and clear of any air bubbles. Click the image or visit the link to see the Scorpion plugs in action:

 Scorpion Gauges























Stayed tuned for next week when we release the Spider Plugs!

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The New Black


The gothic style has been becoming more and more popular in the most recent fashion updates of today. Not only goes gothic fashion seem to be particularly appealing to the youth culture, but it also spreads to other groups of people who admire the Girls With Gaugescolor black. The Goth style evolved many years ago, but today it is respected for its gentle hardness and its mystical touch of dark beauty. Not only is this particular style appearing in clothing these days, however, but it is also now being often found in another great way of self-expression, which more and more people are now becoming familiar with- piercings.

Piercings and body modifications of all kinds can exist on many different levels and have many different characteristics. For some people, piercings are meant to display only subtle touches of colors, yet others strive to show off their body jewelry plugs, choosing the boldest, brightest and most eye catching pieces available. The gothic style of piercing can also span this range of preferences- from the rapidly growing corset piercings to black tunnels, plugs, eyelets and tapers for men. All of these jewelry pieces can match many different styles- both very feminine and very masculine. For women, a romantic Goth or emo style can easily compliment a pale face and dark hair. For men, dark jewelry can appear very bold and display his confidence.

Black Ear GaugesThis is a very interesting kind of jewelry that is now rising to fame under the Gothic umbrella. Both black piercing jewelry and gauges can have various different appealing designs and textures that easily catch everyone’s attention. But the Goth craze doesn’t stop there- it also extends to include tattoo designs as well. For instance, when a bright, artistic retro style is combined with this aesthetic feel, the result can be quite stunning in the form of tattoos. But not only is this black on black style very intricate and elegant, it will also likely last for quite a while, since the beauty of the hue and depth of this design is not something easily forgotten.

Find out how to clean your body jewelry in last months article written by Erica 

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It may not be a pleasant thing to discover that you are allergic to surgical steel. Why? Because, today, most piercers use surgical steel for new piercings, since it is inexpensive and available nearly anywhere. Besides, their customers also tend Metal Belly Ringto enjoy the attractive shine that surgical steel has, as well as the nice durability of the material. Unfortunately, there are some people who are indeed allergic to steel- and if you’re one of them you probably aren’t thrilled to find out that you are. However, don’t hang your head. Surgical steel isn’t the only option when it comes to body jewelry.


So what makes steel an allergen? Why might some people have a reaction? Well, the reason behind it is that steel is an alloy, which means that it is a combination of several elements. Thus, the nickel that a lot of steel mixtures tend to have might be what you are allergic to- not the steel itself. Nickel, after all, is one of the main causes for skin irritations. If you somehow know for sure that nickel isn’t the problem for you, then it might also be the rough cleaning and polishing products that are used to make the steel look so shiny that cause your rashes. Another problem with steel is that it also tends to be rather heavy, which might strain the piercing, tearing or stretching it uncomfortably.

Sympotom of a Steel Allergy

Women are, unfortunately, the main victim of having allergic reactions to steel. Even if you’ve been wearing surgical steel Metal Ear Gaugesjewelry your entire life, you might still get a sudden unpredictable allergic reaction to it. This is why it is vital to learn to recognize the symptoms of these allergic reactions, because while the irritation might be mild at first, it can easily get worse and cause a piercing infection. Some reactions can be just a little rash or an itching sensation, but the severe consequences of having this allergy would be crusty scabs and ugly fluid filled pockets. In any case, it is important to contact your doctor as soon as you notice any symptom- and remove the body jewelry immediately. Emollient creams and products such as topical steroids are usually able to clear up a nasty reaction.

Alternative to Steel Body Jewelry

Glass PlugsThe best way to avoid the problem altogether is to simply not wear steel. While a lot of people might prefer having piercings with this material, that doesn't mean that you need to go along with them and suffer or not get piercings altogether. There are lots of alternatives that piercers can use- just ask around. Some might use titanium, which generally doesn’t cause any irritations. Another safer alloy would be niobium, but this material is a bit more rare and expensive. Besides those, you can also opt for gold jewelry, or glass body jewelry. Blackline as well as acrylic are also possible options, but acrylic might also end up causing a reaction in those who have very sensitive skin. You can definitely find a way to be able to have stunning piercings if you are allergic to steel- just make sure you care for them well.

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While most people get their piercings with permanence in mind and are rather confident about them, there might still come a time when hiding them is the best kind of solution for a particular situation. Whether it’s for work or around a group of people who have a mind set against piercings and body modifications, there are countless situations that can cause a person with piercings to be a bit cautious. Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can easily keep your piercing hidden.

Hiding a Septum Piercing

Septum piercings are impressive, dramatic piercings that only someone with quite a bit of confidence would agree to get, Clear Lip Ring Jewelrybut that doesn’t mean that they are hard to hide when the time comes. In fact, this may actually be the easiest piercing to hide for hours and hours on end. Some people just flip their curving barbell so that it is hidden inside the nostrils, but an even more comfortable and long lasting solution would be to acquire a septum retainer. This piece of metal is shaped like a U and can easily be flipped up and down very comfortably.

How About Other Body Piercings?

Other piercings besides the septum might seem to be more difficult to hide, but this isn’t an entirely impossible task. An acrylic retainer is a clear plastic stud that can be used instead of your regular piece of jewelry. A clear ring will secure this nearly invisible piece from the back and this will make sure that no one will be able to even guess that you have a piercing- unless of course, it is exceedingly large.

Hiding Stretched Ears

By now you might be thinking: this seems to be a pretty easy process. Hiding a piercing does not seem to be very Skin Tone Gaugesproblematic. However, while this may be true for smaller piercings, there is a point where the size becomes a rather difficult obstacle. For instance, even with flesh colored plugs, large gauge piercings can be very hard to hide. It might be difficult finding a plug that matches your skin tone precisely enough. Another option might be wearing clear/invisible plugs found here:

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 If a wedding isn’t a cue for someone to wear jewelry, then nothing is. A wedding is one of the most special moments of any person’s life, and adorning it with something special such as diamond body jewelry is definitely a must no matter who you Wedding Day Body Jewelryjust so happen to be. In fact, diamonds had proudly represented the grand ceremony of a wedding ever since 1477, when Mary of Burgundy had received a diamond ring from Austria’s Archduke Maximilian. Therefore, take pride in your piercings on your wedding day, and make sure you pick some gorgeous jewelry.

Ear Lobes

Brides like to pull up their hair- weather it’s a sleek chignoir or a romantic messy bun. Any partial up do, however, will immediately call attention to the ears, which is why a beautiful pair of earrings is essential. Available are both the usual diamond studs to helix body jewelry as well as tragus of solid gold. Besides this, brides can opt for various shades of shiny colored stones, such as green, blue and even chocolate brown.


If you’re planning a nice little getaway to the beach on your honeymoon, you definitely need your navel to look as adorable as possible. So, accessorize! From basic gauges to shimmering plain diamond stones to more intricate things like tiny golden hearts, butterflies or flowers- there is always a broad range of attractive choices.


Is that cherry red lipstick not enough to grab the attention you want? Or do you feel like your lip gloss just isn’t as complete as you thought? Well, here’s your chance to add more of an interesting touch to your mouth- a stunning diamond labret ring. Madeby skillful jewelers- of only the best quality materials, these are sure to make a great impression on anyone. And with the large variety of colors available, you will certainly be able to find one that fits your personality.


Surprisingly, nose rings are becoming extremely popular with brides today, but it isn’t too hard to realize why. Nose rings are not always easy to spot, but if they’re made of shimmery diamonds, they are sure to grab the attention of everyone and make the bride look extra special. And that is very important on such a major day, especially when it is so vital for everything to go grandly and smoothly to guarantee a happy future.

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 While you may not always keep in mind when to opt to wear your body jewelry, it is sometimes an essential thing to do to remember when it is appropriate and more importantly- when it is inappropriate to wear it. For instance, regular jewelry like bracelets and necklaces have been worn publicly for many years, and was never considered a bad thing. However, because body jewelry, such as nose rings, tongue rings, as well as some other types of more modernly accepted body piercings mightBody Jewelry Gauges not get you very good results for some situations.

Body jewelry can be a wonderful way of expressing yourself, and can have deep meaning and true beauty. However, despite this, it is considered inappropriate by society to wear body jewelry to certain events. For example, you would not show happiness at a funeral, because this would be viewed as though you are happy at the person’s death. Similarly, though you can definitely wear sweatpants and a t-shirt to a job interview, it might not get you the position you have been seeking. And of course, yelling at libraries or other civilized public places would also be considered unwise and irrational.

While the circumstances might seem different, much of the principles mentioned in the above situations can also easily apply to body jewelry. It might be seen as disrespectful to wear a labret or a nose ring to a funeral because it is such a delicate, serious event. Though you wouldn’t outright be saying that you aren’t serious about the situation, it might be seen as though you cannot be formal enough for the grieving process.

Besides this, other public events, such as meetings, interviews or appearances in court will also likely be better off body-jewelry-free. If you doubt that the person running the event will be wearing a nose ring, then it is better judgment not to wear one yourself.

You might feel as though weather you wear body jewelry or not pertains only to those pieces that actually show- but apparently, in some situations, this is not true. While a nipple ring or a Prince Albert wand might be normally hidden beneath clothing, wearing these at the airport security might cause some problems. The security agents might not be as understanding when their metal detectors start ringing

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We just introduced a new section on the website called plug packs. This part of the website will feature plugs & tunnels packs instead of single pairs. The price of each pair is also cheaper when purchased through a pack. Some of the sizes / gauges packs include 12g, 10g, 8g, 6g for $14.99. You can also checkout bigger sets including 12g, 10g, 8g, 6g, 4g, 2g, 0g, 00g. Its up to how you want to shop but we will continue to bring you the best prices and selections for your stretched ears. 

 Blue Ear Gauges Plug Pack




















Black Ear Plugs Kit






















All orders over $20 receive free shipping.

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