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Inverse Belly Button Piercing

An inverse navel piercing is done on the bottom fold of the belly button rather than on the top. Apart from position it is exactly like the straight forward belly button piercing. Depending on your anatomy, you may prefer this position of navel piercing if you have more skin on the bottom section of the belly button. You can also pierce both top and bottom of the navel for a double navel piercing!

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost ranges from studio to studio, but are often anywhere from $35-$70. Always remember to opt for a studio you trust, rather than going to studio with bad reviews because of a low price!

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Belly rings…so many shapes, so many styles! How to figure out which one is right for you? Here is a brief description of the most popular styles out there, to make choosing a belly ring a slightly less daunting task for you.

“Banana Bell” (Curved Barbell)

This is the standard for new piercings because it’s such an unembellished style. “Banana bells” usually feature just a simpleTitanium Curved Barbell Belly Ring fixed decoration, ball, or gem at the bottom and a 5 millimeter ball at the top. Why are these little rings called “banana bells”? Well, the reason becomes quite clear once you look at one: banana bells have a curved shaft that resembles the shape of a banana. This style is great for new piercings or very active individuals, since this dangle-free ring will allow comfortable motion without breaking or causing pain.

The Dangle

Dangle belly rings are great for special occasions, but may not be so great for every-day use. This style features the banana bell curve, but offers a dangling piece at the bottom instead of the fixed decoration. The dangle part can feature almost anything: stars, large gems, etc. The endless options available with this style are sure to match any holiday, event, or personal preference. However, because of the danger of the dangle piece catching onto something and getting pulled roughly, it is unadvisable to exercise or sleep in dangle belly jewelry.

Spiral Barbells

Spiral barbells offer a fun, unique look that is also not recommended for daily wear. This style features a curved piece Punk Skull Dangle Belly Ringextending outward and away from the piercing, ending with a small ball. Unfortunately, people pierced with regular curved barbells sometimes have trouble getting into a spiral, although the style is meant to fit any belly piercing.

Top Mount

Top mount or top dangle piercings are great for those who have the bottom rim of their navel pierced. This style features a dangle piece that’s at the bottom rather than at the top, which makes it ideal for this type of piercing. The style can also be worn in regular belly piercings, as long as the size of the jewelry is correct.  

You can see the full catalog of belly button rings here

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Belly button rings may not be the most popular piercing out there, but they are becoming more and more widespread Butterfly Belly Button Ringthroughout all kinds of communities. Why is this so? Well, perhaps the reason is because they are very diverse, offering tons of different options in style. This enables women to easily show off what they like and express themselves and their personality. But another reason why belly rings are becoming so popular now is because they are often very appealing to the other sex.

Another reason why belly rings are becoming so popular now is because they are often very appealing to the other sex.

How are they appealing? Well, first, belly rings are unusual, and are thus often seen as playful or flirtatious. This obviously arouses the interest of the observer, making him wish to find out more about this mischievous woman. Belly rings can also display a more feminine side to a woman, thus making her seem more down to earth and beautiful.

Another way in which belly rings are often classified as having sex appeal is that they tend to send off a signal: here comes a confident woman! Those who pierce their belly buttons don’t usually do it to keep them hidden- they do it to show them off. Putting that jewelry on display may seem like nothing special, but the midriff is an area typically kept Gold Flower Belly Ringcovered up. Displaying it therefore immediately draws attention.

Belly button rings are also a symbol for power. Getting a piercing in such a delicate place is a definite show of inner strength and fearlessness. In fact, some cultures even believe that a belly button ring is an indication of growing up as a woman and becoming stronger and more mature. For those who appreciate these traits, a belly button ring will immediately be an eye catcher.

Finally, a lot of women pierce their belly buttons just to feel sexy themselves. A belly button ring is a display of charisma and confidence. Like any admirable piercing, it can help boost self- esteem and that is what will appeal to a lot of people right away.

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