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Top Male Piercings

So you’re a guy and you’re looking to get a piercing but you’re a bit unsure as to what you should get. You aren’t sure if any piercing would look ok on you, much less if it will look good. Look no further; here are the top 5 piercings that will look great on any guy.


Whether you choose to get one or both sides done, the earlobe is always a safe bet for guys. Your jewelry choice can change up just how the piercing will look on you, but rest assured, an ear piercing is the way to go if you have any doubts at all. Also one of the least painful locations, the earlobe can be a great way to test how well you can handle getting pierced before taking off into more painful locations. Guys all over have their ears pierced and at all ages – this one is kind of a no brainer, but alas it makes the list for those of you who just aren’t sure.

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Cool Trendy Body Piercings

Who doesn’t love browsing through different piercing ideas and designs? Seeing what variety is out there is always exciting, but it’s not always that doing so will make you itch to get that next piercing. If you aren’t in the market for a new piercing that you didn’t realize you wanted, turn away now, because these next four piercings are guaranteed to make you want to book an appointment with your favorite piercing artist.

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Type of Nose Piercing Jewlery

While technically you can use any most kinds of piercing jewelry in a nostril piercing, it’s best to stick to the traditional forms of nostril jewelry because, well, they’re created for your nose! They don’t bulk up the inside of your nose so that it’s still easy to breath like some jewelry with large balls might, they don’t allow nostril gunk to stick to the piercing in a way that may make it uncomfortable or irritable to remove, and they have so many varieties.

Traditional Hoop

A traditional nostril hoop differs from a circular barbell or a captive bead ring as it’s a long seamless rounded bar with a simple metal plaque that when the entire hoop is threaded through the nose sits on the inside edge, holding it in place. 

When first getting a nose piercing it is not advised to begin with a hoop as your starter jewelry. Hoops can easily spread bacteria into a newly pierced wound if you change positions on the curved bar, allowing anything that pressed against the open side to slide in direct contact with the wound.

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Popular Piercings in 2017

While there are no rules when it comes to piercings, there are still trendy piercings that come and go. For example, how many people did you see get their septum pierced last year? I saw a lot! It’s crazy to think that a piercing that many of us think of as permanent go in and out of fashion, but doesn’t that make it all the more fun?

Piercing trends make us think about piercings in new and exciting ways. Here’s what to look out for in 2017! Hopefully with awesome new twists.

Septum’s are Still Going Strong

While it seems like less and less people are getting their septum pierced that’s only because we already have! I’m sure this year the septum is not going to go out of style anytime soon. But we might see it have a more elegant and simple comeback in opposition with the bohemian craze of 2016.

Septum Jewelry 2017

Dainty Nipple Piercings

A surprising trend is the uprise in the amount of nipple piercings happening! You might not see it happening but it’s there. But along with other piercings like the belly button – what with the whole nineties craze – it’s getting a dainty make over with rose gold tones, simple jewelry and feminine accents.

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Types of Nose Piercings

Nose piercings are extremely popular in society today and can be traced back to the Middle East over 4,000 years ago. The African cultures still use rings in the nose to signify marriage and security for the wife, should the husband die. In more recent society, we note that the Indian culture tends to don the nostril piercing on the left side. As hippies in the 1960’s traveled to India and returned home, they brought a piece of their culture back with them. The punk rock generation then adopted this piercing and it has moved all the way to the mainstream population.

There are several types of nose piercings that can be selected. Consider what type of piercing you would like to obtain and Side Nose Ring Hoopwhat type of jewelry you would like to use for that piercing. You could also consider a captive bead ring or a stud in this location.

Then there is the septum piercing that has become extremely popular and less of an outcast piercing. This piercing looks great with a captive bead ring or a circular barbell. Make sure your piercer is experienced and knows where the septum cartilage ends, so they pierce in the proper position. This piercing is also a great choice, because you can flip the ring up into the nasal cavity to hide the piercing if you are in a professional setting.

A newer trend to consider is the bridge piercing. This piercing is an excellent choice if you are into a surface piercing. A nice circular barbell is the best option for this particular location. This piercing can be one that can migrate, so ensure that it watched and that if it does start to migrate that the jewelry is removed and allowed to heal.

Want something a little rarer? Then look no further, you have found the vertical tip piercing. This is basically a curved barbell placed at the tip of the nose and just under the tip of your nose. A curved barbell is the best option for this piercing and the only one that really fits.

If you are looking for something that is intense, consider the nasallang. This may appear to be two nostril piercings; however, it is actually three piercings as the septum is also pierced with an extra, long straight barbell piercing. This is one of those piercings that separates you from the rest.

Regardless of the nasal piercing that you are interested in, research it well and find the best nose ring jewelry for the particular piercing location and your own unique style. This part of the body has many options available for piercing and the choices are growing. So, determine what these types of piercings say about you and what style you are going for and select a piercer who is well-versed in the type of piercing that you have always dreamed of.

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Nose Piercing Information

Nose piercings are trendy and have been popular for many years. However, deciding just where to place that type of piercing can be a tough decision to make. A lot of times the piercer will tell you what type of piercing fits best with your nose shape and size. But you have to decide what type of look you are going for.


The history of nose piercings dates back to the lands of India, Nepal, and the Australian Aboriginal cultures. In India, the piercings are a sign of beauty and class status. They also believed that if pierced on the left side that childbirth is easier. The gold nose piercings are a sign of worth and pays homage to the goddess of marriage. They are more popular in women than men and have become a popular choice in America since the 80’s.

Types of Nose Piercings

Nose Piercings are all about the placement. The best placement depends on the shape and size of your nose. Check out Girl With Nose Piercedthe different options here.

Nostril - This is the standard nose piercing where the stud with a flat backing or ball closure or a loop is placed just above the nostril. These can be very cute piercings. Some even choose to put the piercing up a bit higher, closer to the bone, which is called a high nostril piercing.

Nose Tip - This is a less popular piercing that comes through a nostril and out the tip of the nose. This piercing is commonly adorned with a barbell piece of jewelry. It is usually pierced vertically to the tip.

Nasallang - This is a unique and a little wild type of nose piercing. The left and right nostril is pierced all the way through the septum with one piece of jewelry. This style of piercing requires a long barbell piercing to reach through both holes and the septum.

Bridge - This is the piercing done across the bridge of the nose. It is only beneath the skin and is not suggested for wearers of glasses, as this is where the glasses sit on the nose. This type of piercing can detract from the wide shape of a nose bridge and make the nose look narrower. The jewelry used for this piercing is a barbell.

Nose Ring HoopSeptum - This piercing is pretty popular nowadays, especially because it can be flipped up in the nostril to hide if you have work or a professional engagement. The captive bead ring is a popular choice for this type of piercing or a circular barbell.

As stated, there are many variations to the standard nostril piercing that can be performed. The type of piercing is really up to the person being pierced, but some of the options are more unique and bold than others. Determine what style you are looking for and then see if it is conductible to your lifestyle and workplace. The best piercing for your nose is the one you choose that fits you personally.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Baker, CC BY-SA'

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Septum clickers are very trendy at the moment. The appealing part about a septum clickers is that they are easy to take in and out. The stainless steel bar easily opens and closes which makes them comfortable to wear. Most sizes / gauges come in 16G but we also have some 14G styles available too. Below are five new clicker styles we released this month.

#1 Mustache Septum Clicker

Mustache Septum

#2 Five Aqaua Cz Gem Clicker

Aqua Gem Septum Clicker 

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Ever since ancient times, body jewelry has been a way for both men and women to enhance their appearance. Today, however, it seems that women dominate over men in their use of body jewelry for this particular purpose. And while in the past body jewelry was better tied in with mystery and tradition, now it is more common to see women wear it just for the sake of looking more attractive. And with this desire, more and more types of body jewelry has been invented.Girls With Stretched Ears

Now that body jewelry is used for the purpose of body decoration, there are many different kinds of body jewelry that especially target women’s preferences. Belly button rings, plugs & tunnels, eyebrow rings, lip rings, nose rings and even tongue rings are only a few examples of the broad variety available.

Body jewelry plugs and nose rings may be small, but they are worn by people on a very large scale. Plugs are a great way to enhance the beauty of the ears, while nose rings are a great way to add more unique detail to a face in general.

Body jewelry styles available for everyones style and personality

Belly button rings are now actually considered the leader of the body piercing, since they come in so many different colors, shapes and sizes. Besides these simple characteristics, there are also several types of belly rings available, which might be the reason behind their immense popularity. For instance, there are horizontal belly piercings, bridge rings, dangle piercings and even diamond piercings. This great variety offers a lot to those who wish to draw attention to their body.

Nose rings, on the other hand, can beautify the nose. Some cultures consider this the most important, significant and elegant piercing. A lot of women get this piercing to look chick and stylish. Besides this, there are also a few kinds of nose rings available, such as the septum piercing, and many kinds of materials from which they are made of, like gold, silver and diamond. This also makes the nose piercing very appealing to women.

Weather you approve of nose or eyebrow piercings or not, they have become very popular in today’s society and play a major role in a lot of women’s lives.

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