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Septum clickers are very trendy at the moment. The appealing part about a septum clickers is that they are easy to take in and out. The stainless steel bar easily opens and closes which makes them comfortable to wear. Most sizes / gauges come in 16G but we also have some 14G styles available too. Below are five new clicker styles we released this month.

#1 Mustache Septum Clicker

Mustache Septum

#2 Five Aqaua Cz Gem Clicker

Aqua Gem Septum Clicker 

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Belly button rings may not be the most popular piercing out there, but they are becoming more and more widespread Butterfly Belly Button Ringthroughout all kinds of communities. Why is this so? Well, perhaps the reason is because they are very diverse, offering tons of different options in style. This enables women to easily show off what they like and express themselves and their personality. But another reason why belly rings are becoming so popular now is because they are often very appealing to the other sex.

Another reason why belly rings are becoming so popular now is because they are often very appealing to the other sex.

How are they appealing? Well, first, belly rings are unusual, and are thus often seen as playful or flirtatious. This obviously arouses the interest of the observer, making him wish to find out more about this mischievous woman. Belly rings can also display a more feminine side to a woman, thus making her seem more down to earth and beautiful.

Another way in which belly rings are often classified as having sex appeal is that they tend to send off a signal: here comes a confident woman! Those who pierce their belly buttons don’t usually do it to keep them hidden- they do it to show them off. Putting that jewelry on display may seem like nothing special, but the midriff is an area typically kept Gold Flower Belly Ringcovered up. Displaying it therefore immediately draws attention.

Belly button rings are also a symbol for power. Getting a piercing in such a delicate place is a definite show of inner strength and fearlessness. In fact, some cultures even believe that a belly button ring is an indication of growing up as a woman and becoming stronger and more mature. For those who appreciate these traits, a belly button ring will immediately be an eye catcher.

Finally, a lot of women pierce their belly buttons just to feel sexy themselves. A belly button ring is a display of charisma and confidence. Like any admirable piercing, it can help boost self- esteem and that is what will appeal to a lot of people right away.

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Ever since ancient times, body jewelry has been a way for both men and women to enhance their appearance. Today, however, it seems that women dominate over men in their use of body jewelry for this particular purpose. And while in the past body jewelry was better tied in with mystery and tradition, now it is more common to see women wear it just for the sake of looking more attractive. And with this desire, more and more types of body jewelry has been invented.Girls With Stretched Ears

Now that body jewelry is used for the purpose of body decoration, there are many different kinds of body jewelry that especially target women’s preferences. Belly button rings, plugs & tunnels, eyebrow rings, lip rings, nose rings and even tongue rings are only a few examples of the broad variety available.

Body jewelry plugs and nose rings may be small, but they are worn by people on a very large scale. Plugs are a great way to enhance the beauty of the ears, while nose rings are a great way to add more unique detail to a face in general.

Body jewelry styles available for everyones style and personality

Belly button rings are now actually considered the leader of the body piercing, since they come in so many different colors, shapes and sizes. Besides these simple characteristics, there are also several types of belly rings available, which might be the reason behind their immense popularity. For instance, there are horizontal belly piercings, bridge rings, dangle piercings and even diamond piercings. This great variety offers a lot to those who wish to draw attention to their body.

Nose rings, on the other hand, can beautify the nose. Some cultures consider this the most important, significant and elegant piercing. A lot of women get this piercing to look chick and stylish. Besides this, there are also a few kinds of nose rings available, such as the septum piercing, and many kinds of materials from which they are made of, like gold, silver and diamond. This also makes the nose piercing very appealing to women.

Weather you approve of nose or eyebrow piercings or not, they have become very popular in today’s society and play a major role in a lot of women’s lives.

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Looking for something new and unique to go with your stretched jewelry plugs? Look no further, we just introduced three new styyles of "O" rings for single and no flare plugs. Each style is available in the following sizes/gauges: 8G,6G,4G,2G,0G,00G,1/2",9/16", & 5/8". 6 pieces included with purchase. For $4 you can spice up your normal style with a star, pink flower, or a saw blade, this will make your old plugs new again.

 Pink Flower "O" Rings

Pink Flower "O" Rings For Gauges























Black Star "O" Rings

Star "O" Rings For Gauges

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