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Five Minimalistic Septum Clickers

So you’ve taken the plunge and gotten a septum piercing. It was a real leap of faith considering this is a hot trend that happens to be right in the center of your face for the entire world to look at. You’ve got to have the latest and greatest jewelry, now, but you also want to keep it simple. This is a very bold statement piercing as it is. So where do you begin? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of some great minimalistic clickers that are available to you.

1. Beaded Rim Stainless Steel Clicker – This septum clicker is minimalistic, but it still has some nice edginess for those who don’t mind going a little bolder. A clustered beaded look, while keeping it simple will give a minimal but edgy feel. This clicker, which can be found here, is available in 14G and is entirely made of 316L Stainless Steel. The bar length is 8mm and the entire height of the clicker is 14mm, giving it a bit of length to really show off.

Septum Piercing Ring


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How to Stretch a Septum Piercing

How To Stretch a Septum Piercing

While ear stretching has become common, some people are still shocked at the idea of stretching a septum piercing. The truth is you can stretch any piercing! Septum’s are a popular choice to stretch because the size of the piercing stays un-noticeable, doesn’t add to anything like drooling as a lip might, however, it can actually alter the way the structure of your nose appearence. 

I started stretching my septum years ago. It’s a common myth that you can stretch up to your ideal size in a couple weeks. It takes months between sizes to safely stretch! This was because I loved the look of a thick band that neatly wrapped around the middle section of the nose. But there are so many more reasons to stretch!

If you’re interested in stretching your own septum (or to get inspiration for stretching other piercings) this is your go to guide. You’ll be stretching in no time!

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Piercings That Heal Fast

In a perfect world we’d be able to go around rocking brass jewelry and not dealing with the pain of a healing piercing. While this isn’t a perfect world, if you’re looking for a piercing that won’t have you committing to twelve months of pain with sea salt soaks everyday here are our top five fastest healing piercings!

Septum Piercings

The septum takes from 1 to 3 months to heal.

It’s no secret that we love septum piercings! When piercing the septum you’re piercing such a thin piece of skin you’ll hardly notice it.

Oral Piercings – Especially the Tongue & Webbing!

The tongue takes from 3 to 4 weeks to heal, the lip 2 to 3 months and the tongue webbing 8-10 weeks.

Oral piercings from the tongue, the webbing underneath the tongue and behind the lips, and even the lips themselves are some of the fastest healing parts of our bodies! The mouth comes into contact with lots of bacteria through eating that it is part of body’s defense to heal it quickly.

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Brief History of the Septum Piercing

These days you might find a septum piercing on one out of every five people, especially on trendy girls in cute styles of septum clicker, but that’s a far way away from where they began in society. The earliest piercing has been found (and still exists!) in a mummified person done 5, 300 years ago. When you think about that, doesn’t it make you question how much you really know about the history of the piercings on your own body? Well, here’s a more in-depth look into septum piercing - where it began and why!

Septum piercings are the second most common type of piercing in “primitive” societies in Jaya, New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. But it has also historically been practiced by Aboriginal Australians and North Native American tribes. It is actually more common than nostril piercings! Why is this? Most think it’s because septum’s have the added bonus of being able to be stretched in order to fit large jewelry through. And by jewelry, I mean bones.

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Septum Piercing Expectations

Septum piercings are such a popular piercing. They’re easy to hide for work, don’t leave any marks if you eventually take it out and bring a beautiful symmetry to any face. With all the varieties of jewelry around, how can you go wrong?

Here’s what to expect if you’re considering taking the plunge yourself. From one septum lover to another!

Does Getting Your Septum Pierced Hurt?

When getting a piercing you are cutting into flesh using a needle, so of course it’s going to include some pain.

But septum piercings are much less evasive compared to getting other piercings like lip or cheek piercings, which need to be pierced through a thicker section of flesh, a septum piercing only cuts through the tiniest piece of skin on the inside wall separating the nostrils called the “sweet spot”.

The amount of pain you experience depends on your personal pain tolerance. For example I felt much less pain having my lip pierced or my nostril pierced than my septum. But the pain was over in a couple seconds!

What’s the “Sweet Spot” Exactly?

The “sweet spot” is named as such because it’s the spot the piercer is aiming for when they pierce your septum. The bridge between the nostrils is made up almost entirely of cartilage. But that generally isn’t the part that is pierced because it can be extremely uncomfortable and takes much longer to heal. Closer to the tip of the nostril is where the soft spot of stretchy skin can be found. Use your fingers and you’ll be able to find it.

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Septum Piercings 101

Septum piercings are all the rage in the piercing world. But where did they originate from? The history involves ancient Native Americans, Aztecs, Mayans, and many other tribes. The piercing in the nostril was just as common as the ear in these tribes. The piercing was a symbol of a warrior and was meant to make the person look intimidating. The piercing was also for aesthetic reasons, because the piercing of large ornaments would help to flatten the nose, which was a sought after look in these cultures. In some cultures this piercing was a rite of passage and occurred as early as 9 or 10 years of age. Once they take their soul-seeking journey, they come back a man and get their septum piercing to prove it.

In today’s society, it is not a rite of passage, more like a decoration for those looking to be edgy and outrageous. The crowd thatCute Septum Piercingis most interested in this piercing is the younger crowd. The older crowd is not as interested in the septum piercing, usually because they prefer old school ear-type piercings. This younger generation has even started looking into different styles, including those that don’t even commit and wear the clip on septum rings.

A dangle septum clicker is commonly used by women to show their decorative style, mimicking the look of the Indian women and their septum piercings. 

So, what type of jewelry should be used for this type of piercing? The edgier generation will use thicker gauge piercings around 14, versus the more standard piercing of a 16 or 18 gauge. The jewelry that you select can say a lot about the style you are trying to rock. Captive bead rings or septum clickers are awesome pieces of jewelry. A dangle septum clicker is commonly used by women to show their decorative style, mimicking the look of the Indian women and their septum piercings. This type of jewelry is very feminine and rarely used by men. Men prefer the thicker gauge piercings that are horseshoe-shaped circular barbell, this gives a brave and hard look to the man donning this piece of jewelry.

For the more unique style, there are bone jewelry pieces that mimic the old Native American look and this piercing is held in place by retainers. There are also the new and unique moustache septum piercing that actually comes out of the nose and looks curvy like a moustache. It is definitely an interesting and unique look and even comes in a buffalo horn material to look more authentic.

You select the jewelry and the gauge size and you will have your very own septum piercing. Remember this type of piercing is not too high on the pain scale, since it goes through tissue and not cartilage. It is also a great piercing to get young in life, because if you change your mind it is easily removable and not in a place that is noticeable. This piercing is the perfect piercing for you and if you change your mind it is the perfect piercing to hide in your nostril cavity or remove and never leave a trace.

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Septum Piercing

Piercings are unique and as individual as the person wearing them. One of those individual piercings is known as a septum piercing. Although there are several septum areas in the body, the one we are referring to is the piece of tissue that divides the nostrils in the nose.

Septum piercings are pierced through this tissue. So, if you are thinking about diving into one of the hottest trends now in piercing, think about this type of piercing. It is not even permanent, because if you choose to remove it no one would know it was ever there. This type of piercing is pretty appealing, but if you choose to go this route, make sure you go the full realm and take care of the piercing religiously.Girl With Septum Pierced

The septum  piercing can be a huge statement or it can be a hint of a statement. You can hide this piercing in the nose when you are not in a place that you feel it is appropriate, such as work. You can also have extravagant ring piercings that have beautiful hanging decorations. Regardless of the style you select, make sure the style fits you.

The septum  piercing can be a huge statement or it can be a hint of a statement.


The pain may be a little higher than other locations, like the standard earlobe. It has been compared to the stinging you get if you were punched in the nose. The eyes water and the nose stings and tingles a bit. This pain will subside pretty quickly and you will be left with a great piercing that you can show off to others.

The size of the jewelry selected has to do with the size of your nose. If you have a large nose, you may want a larger piercing or thicker gauge piercing. If you have a small, petite nose, you may want to consider a thin and small piercing for your nose.

What type of jewelry should you consider? The standard captive bead ring can be used in this piercing and works well. There is also the infinity ring that looks as if it has no beginning or end. These are the hottest of jewelry trends at the moment. There is also the septum clicker, which is in the shape of a ring with one side straight with a clasp. This is the straight metal piece that will go through the septum and click into place within the ring. These clickers are often adorned with jewels and decorations. There are also horseshoe shaped circular barbells that hang through the piercing with barbells on each end. There are also septum hoops that can be placed through the piercing without any real decoration. There are also septum retainers that keep the piercing hole open without any jewelry being visible. Some of these rings can be flipped up into the nostril and hidden if they are not to be displayed at a certain event.

The jewelry you select for your septum piercing will be the best jewelry possible, because it is the piece of jewelry that you feel comfortable with. Select your own style and enjoy your new look.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Baker, CC BY-SA'

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Septum clickers are very trendy at the moment. The appealing part about a septum clickers is that they are easy to take in and out. The stainless steel bar easily opens and closes which makes them comfortable to wear. Most sizes / gauges come in 16G but we also have some 14G styles available too. Below are five new clicker styles we released this month.

#1 Mustache Septum Clicker

Mustache Septum

#2 Five Aqaua Cz Gem Clicker

Aqua Gem Septum Clicker 

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