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New Glass Spiral Plugs / Gauges

Blue dichroic glass spirals  is a bit of a mouthful, but by just taking a look at them you’ll be in love in no time. These, new to our store, plug spirals are unique and so interesting to look at. They’re the perfect body jewelry piece to add a fun touch to any look!

The term “dichroic” refers to the process of oxidizing super thin layers of metals like gold, silver, magnesium or even titanium leaving a condensed pattern on the surface of the glass that looks something like crystals. This process means that each and every single one of these pieces of jewelry will be one of a kind and truly unique.

Here we have three different styles of blue dichroic glass spirals for stretched ears.

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Added to the shop this week are the Jawbreaker Tapers & Jawbreaker Spirals. These might remind of those candy jawbreaker you used to suck on for days when you were younger. Both styles are available in sizes / gauges 8g, 6g, 4g, 2g, 0g, 00g. The ear tapers are sold individually for $3.99/pc "O" rings included. The spirals are sold in pairs for $9.99/pair. The pattern is unique for each plug but we do our best to get you a matching set. Check out the links below to view each product.

Jawbreaker Ear Tapers

 Jawbreaker Taper Gauges
























Jawbreaker Spirals

 Jawbreaker Gauges




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Body jewelry plugs are starting to get a little more creative. Instead of a normal shaped plug, we have a oriental elephant 3D spiral talon. These are available in sizes / gauges 8G,6G,4G,2G,0G,00G. Pick from black & white or the tan color. Sold in pairs for $9.99/pair. See them in action:

 Elephant Gauges




















All orders over $20 ship free!

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Spirals are cool because they give your lobes a different style instead of the normal circular plug shape. The spirals below are all made out of wood which reduces the scent your stretched lobes produce. Sizes / gauges are limted to 8G, 6G, 4G, 2G, 0G, 00G, but you can expect to see spirals up to 1 inch next year. Available Sono wood, areng wood, saba wood and blonde wood. Price starts at $14/pair. Click the link or pictures to see the product.

Sono Wooden Spirals

Sono Wood Spiral Gauges























Areng Wooden Spirals

Areng Wooden Spiral Gauges























Blonde Wood Spirals

Blonde Wood Spiral Gauges























Saba Wooden Spirals

Saba Wooden Spiral Gauges
























All sales are final. Free shipping on orders over $20!

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