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Tongue Web Piercing

Words are powerful. We think, write, and speak words. Stringing together fragments of our language to form ideas and thoughts. We verbalize thousands of words a day. Whether speaking love or spewing out anger, talking is more utilized than digital communication (believe it or not). We can thank our Frenulum Linguae for holding our tongue just enough to verbally express our feelings and thoughts. Everyone has this veiny, web-like tissue that is on the floor of our mouth and continues up to the undersurface of our tongue. This tissue is in charge of holding our tongue not too far forward or back and contains saliva ducts. The veins become more prominent as one ages.

If there is enough tissue and room allowed, piercing this part of the mouth becomes an option. This piercing location is often called the Marley piercing. There is no exact story on the name of this; however, we can give credit to the reggae revolutionist Bob Marley who was known to have powerful vocals.

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The Tongue Piercing


Tongue Piercing Information

If deciding a tongue piercing is what you desire, there are several things you should consider before piercing. This type of piercing is often selected to be edgy with the ability to conceal if necessary. It is also a piece of jewelry that can be used for sensual purposes as well.

People who have oral fixations should try tongue piercings as an alternative to smoking, eating, and all other things involving the mouth. Just ensure you select an acrylic piece of jewelry to avoid cracking your teeth by playing with your jewelry. There are several types of tongue piercings to be obtained. There are the traditional vertical piercings with a straight barbell. Most piercers will avoid the frenulum, which divides the underside of your tongue. They will also want to center the piercing in the middle of your tongue to ensure that the piercing has room and doesn’t irritate the sides of your mouth or your teeth. Most piercers will use a double-sided barbell and acrylic can be used to protect the teeth from becoming cracked.

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