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Small Piercings

In previous generations piercings and tattoos were taboo, they were not accepted in the work place and society saw those with piercings as “rebellious”. With more people getting tattoo’s and piercings, companies and employees are starting to rethink their policies on piercings. Each workplace has its own rules and viewpoints regarding piercings and tattoos, some industries are more open than others. It is always good practice to understand the workplace’s standard policies on piercings. More and more people and workforces have begun to look past the piercings and focus on personality and the ability to do the job. These five piercings are perfect because they are small and dainty (and some can be hidden).

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Tragus Piercing Jewelry

When it comes to tragus piercing jewelry you have so many options! Almost any kind of piercing jewelry can be used in a healed tragus piercing.

You can rock anything from studs, flat back posts, captive bead rings, circular barbells, straight barbells, curved barbells, segment rings. The options are endless! Just keep in mind that some earphones don’t mix well with certain styles of piercing jewelry! You wouldn’t want to get caught up. Other than that, it all depends on the look you’re opting for! Here are some of our favourite unique tragus jewelry types for you to consider.

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Tragus Piercing Questions

The tragus piercing – as we discussed in our post on all of the kinds of ear piercings – is located on the round cartilage flap right outside of the ear canal, partially covering it. It’s hard to miss, it’s usually the first thing you feel when you go to reach your ear! 

The Anti-Tragus Piercing

The anti-tragus is the lesser known sister piercing of the tragus. It sits on the major ear fold opposite the oval flap of cartilage that holds the tragus. It’s important to be sized for an anti-tragus piercing before committing to an anti-tragus as sometimes the section of ear where it sits is too small to be pierced.  

Tragus Piercing Jewelry

Almost any kind of piercing jewelry can be used in a healed tragus piercing. But most commonly used as tragus piercing jewelry are curved barbells, studs and small hoops are worn.

Studs are perfect for a simple, understated look and are great if you’re worried your ear is growing too crowded with piercing. This is a major problem for a healing tragus piercing as it might mean rubbing against other piercings and even catching on them too. Studs can help deal with.

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10 Stylish Tragus Earrings for Girls

Ear piercings are the some of the most common piercings. There are now several types of piercings that can be obtained in all parts of the ear. From a standard lobe piercing to a cartilage rim piercing and even a tragus piercing. These piercings help create a sense of style that is all your own.

The tragus piercing is a trending style that pierces the cartilage flap that extends from the head and is right in front of the ear canal. The trend of piercing here only dates back to the 1980’s, so it is a fairly new style that has really started booming in the piercing world. Due to the small location of the piercing, it is recommended that you have a very experienced piercer that knows how to pierce straight and accurately for such a small piece of cartilage. This piercing is usually done in an 18 gauge size and runs about $30-50. It takes about 2 to 4 months to fully heal in this location.

So, now that we know all of the details, let’s get to the best part of picking out your tragus jewelry. There are several options that can work in this spot and give you a new and bold look.

Barbell with gemstone - This is a classy and exciting look for this location and it can be personalized with any type of stone that is desired. An opal is a very hot look at this moment that can diffract so many colors.

Captive bead ring - This ring can be placed in the tragus location and have a ball in the middle or a gemstone. The white topaz is a great stone to put in this ring for a subtle and classy effect.

Hammered disc stud - This piece of jewelry looks like the jewelry found on jeans. It is flat and has sparkle and it accents the location well with a classy shine.

Star stud - Having studs with a shape are also very popular. A star or a heart may be a great selection to make your piercing stand out.

Heart tragus - There are also rings that are shaped as hearts that can go through the tragus location to give a unique look. Opal 4 ball trinity stud- This look is very trendy at this moment. It has an opal stone with 3 balls above and one ball below the center stone.

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Heart hoop - This hoop has a small heart in the middle. It is dainty and gives an innocent look.

Infiniti stud - This stud is small and has the infiniti symbol. It gives a unique style in this location.

Dangle - This type of jewelry is small with a stud and has a small hanging jewel or shape. It is a cute piercing that must be small due to the small location of the piercing.

Wind up tab - There is also a unique stud that looks like a wind up doll tab. It is a cool way to display your tragus.

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Tragus Jewelry

Tragus piercings are one of the most fashionable trends in piercings now. The traditional earlobe piercing is the standard piercing that people obtain in their ears. The tragus piercing is also in the ear, but it is pierced in the cartilage flap that is right outside and in front of the ear canal. This piercing is for those that are trying to be unique and distinguishable from the rest. There is even an anti-tragus piercing that is exactly opposite of the tragus above the earlobe and on the bottom of the ear canal.

Tragus Piercing

Expert Piercing Artist

Most piercings have a large enough area that the person piercing does not need to be an expert. However, with tragus piercings, you are dealing with a very small area and the piercing artist needs to have experience. The piercer also needs to have great precision to get a straight piercing that doesn’t harm the ear canal. This type of piercings are not that painful, due to very few nerve endings in that area. The healing time is also fairly quick.

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