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Today, fashion has become something that is valued by pretty much every individual. Fashion trends have developed over the past couple of years to dominate over what the society likes and dislikes. Women are especially considered to be intertied with bold fashion statements and looking attractive for men. Body jewelry is now playing a major part of this, thus becoming a valuable part of women’s lives. But women aren't the only ones using it- men, too, are getting involved in wearing attractive andPeople With Piercings intricate jewelry pieces.

What is body jewelry? Body jewelry is not the kind of jewelry that you would wear on your fingers, neck, wrists or ankles- it is jewelry that goes through a part of your body, such as the earlobe or the nose. Young people especially seem to express a lot of interest in body jewelry because it is such a great way to express yourself. In fact, 70 percent of college bound students are said to use body jewelry as some sort of self-expression. Where do they wear body jewelry? Well, just about anywhere! Since it has become so popular, there have been many innovations made to body jewelry technology and this allows for all kinds of unusual piercings, ranging from tongue to nose to belly button piercings.  

Young people especially seem to express a lot of interest in body jewelry because it is such a great way to express yourself

If you are a fashionable person, you can easily keep up with the trends of today by getting a funky piercing yourself. Just pick the kind that suits you best- weather that would be a tongue piercing, a nose piercing, or something else. Whereas in the past, only women were limited to getting nose piercings, now both genders are known to get this kind of body modification to stay trendy.

A lip piercing, too, is a great kind of body piercing. These can be worn either in the corner or at the center point of the labret to add some sizzling style to the face. As with nose rings and other body piercings, many different colors, materials, sizes and styles are available for the eyebrow piercing. In this way you can find one that best suits your own personality and make yourself stand out from the crowd.

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Tattoo sleeves- they are not the most common tattoo that you will see around. But what is it that makes them so especially Girls With Tattoosattractive on girls especially? What is it that makes you want to turn around and take a good look and to come a little closer? What pulls you to her like a magnet placed in a magnetic field, what is it that seems so special? Well, there are many reasons for why someone may find a girl with a tattoo sleeve rather captivating- after all, they are rather special tattoos.

First of all, why are tattoo sleeves not as common as regular tattoos? Well, the main reason is because they are a pretty major commitment. Any girl can get a cute unicorn or a colorful butterfly somewhere it won’t show at all times- somewhere she can cover up whenever she wants to with an article of clothing. But a tattoo sleeve- that’s something different. A tattoo sleeve is not easily covered up by anything- it’s an actual permanent sleeve designed onto the skin. It’s a bold fashion statement and also a major decision- since not only is it difficult to keep it hidden, it is also pretty difficult to remove. So what does this mean about the girl herself? It means that she’s confident, and not afraid to show her devotion to her body art design to the world. That radiates an attractive, sexy, confident vibe.

Besides this, a girl with a tattoo sleeve is likely rather tough. A small tattoo might only take 30 minutes, but a larger one, like a tattoo sleeve, can take up to 20+ hours , and several sessions. And while it may not seem like much of a difficult thing to sit there for some time while a stranger is repeatedly going over and over the design with a tattoo gun, it is definitely a painful process that not everyone would be able to agree upon. This makes any girl who has that kind of endurance a tough person in general- after all, it was likely her own decision to withstand that pain in order to get what she wants.

A Full Sleeve Can Take Up To 20 + Hours To Complete

Finally, one can tell a lot about a girl with a tattoo sleeve- that’s why it’s dubbed that girls with this kind of body art wear their hearts on their sleeves. Since the tattoo sleeve is such a large tattoo- it will likely sprout quite a lot of different interesting designs that can easily grab a person’s attention and make them want to learn more. Why does she have a bright neon comic book character printed onto her arm? Why is there a broken heart? While of course, she may just really like the colors and the drawings that she has on her arm and they might not have much symbolic meaning behind them, they are still an immediate conversation starter and also a prompt for what she might like as an individual- the colors, the styles, the shapes.

If you happen to pass by a girl with a tattoo sleeve on the street, just keep in mind the kind of strength and willpower that this girl probably has. She’s also probably quite confident in what she likes and what she doesn’t- and she’s not afraid to express it to those around her.

Photo Credit: Lorena Cupcake

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Ever since ancient times, body jewelry has been a way for both men and women to enhance their appearance. Today, however, it seems that women dominate over men in their use of body jewelry for this particular purpose. And while in the past body jewelry was better tied in with mystery and tradition, now it is more common to see women wear it just for the sake of looking more attractive. And with this desire, more and more types of body jewelry has been invented.Girls With Stretched Ears

Now that body jewelry is used for the purpose of body decoration, there are many different kinds of body jewelry that especially target women’s preferences. Belly button rings, plugs & tunnels, eyebrow rings, lip rings, nose rings and even tongue rings are only a few examples of the broad variety available.

Body jewelry plugs and nose rings may be small, but they are worn by people on a very large scale. Plugs are a great way to enhance the beauty of the ears, while nose rings are a great way to add more unique detail to a face in general.

Body jewelry styles available for everyones style and personality

Belly button rings are now actually considered the leader of the body piercing, since they come in so many different colors, shapes and sizes. Besides these simple characteristics, there are also several types of belly rings available, which might be the reason behind their immense popularity. For instance, there are horizontal belly piercings, bridge rings, dangle piercings and even diamond piercings. This great variety offers a lot to those who wish to draw attention to their body.

Nose rings, on the other hand, can beautify the nose. Some cultures consider this the most important, significant and elegant piercing. A lot of women get this piercing to look chick and stylish. Besides this, there are also a few kinds of nose rings available, such as the septum piercing, and many kinds of materials from which they are made of, like gold, silver and diamond. This also makes the nose piercing very appealing to women.

Weather you approve of nose or eyebrow piercings or not, they have become very popular in today’s society and play a major role in a lot of women’s lives.

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