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Different Types of Oral Piercings

Oral piercings are the piercings that are in or around the mouth. This includes: tongue piercings, lip piercings, and cheek piercings. These piercings can also be considered as facial piercings, but the healing and maintenance of oral piercings are considerably different then facial piercings.

Here is a list of the most common oral piercings:

The Midline tongue piercing: This goes straight through the tissue of the tongue vertically. It is the “traditional” tongue piercing. This piercing is most commonly done with a straight barbell.

Lower Frenulum: This is also known as the tongue webbing. This piercing is traditionally done with a curved or straight barbell through the webbing underneath the tongue.

Upper Frenulum: This is known as the upper tongue webbing or a “smiley”. It consists of one or more piercings that go through the upper frenulum that is right below the upper lip. This is the tissue that connects the gum to the lip. It is traditionally done with a curved barbell or circular barbell.

Two Vertical Tongue Piercings: This is also known as “Venom Bites” this is when two straight barbells are pierced vertically through the tongue. These piercings sit symmetric to one another in a horizontal positioning.

Horizontal Tongue Piercing: This is also known as the “Snake Eye” piercing. This is when a curved barbell is pierced through the tip of the tongue horizontally.

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Does a Lip Piercing Harm Mouth Gums

Have you ever expressed interest in getting a lip piercing but were faced with comments about them destroying your teeth and gums? We’ve all heard it before, but is it actually true? And if it is true, are there ways to combat the effect lip piercings have on teeth? Keep reading to find out!

Gum Irritation and Recession

A lip piercing that has a bar or ring that constantly rubs against the gums can cause irritation and after a period of time wear. A recent dental study stated that: 50% of people who had worn a long barbell stem piercing (longer than 1.59 cm) for more than two years had their gum tissue pull away from the inside of their lower front teeth.” So, there’s no denying that gum recession and wear can occur from oversized lip jewelry.

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Snakebite Piercing 101

Snake bites are two lip piercings that are positioned underneath the bottom lip on either side of the mouth. If you flip these up onto the top lip they’re called angel bites. They’re an extremely popular type of labret piercing because they resemble where snake fangs would be and can be layered with lots more lip piercings!

Would you try them? Keep reading to find out all you need to know.

Placement and Ring Size is Super Important!

When it comes to snake bite piercings placement is everything. This piercing looses its affect when off center. It should be perfectly placed so that it is even and is mirrored on each side.

Make sure the spots for each piercing are marked out and double or triple check the position is even. The piercer won’t mind, we’re sure!

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5 Popular Facial Piercings

If you want a facial piercing, you’re in good company. Facial Piercings have become more and more common over the past few years. Here’s a look at what piercings made our list of the top 5 facial piercings.

Nose Piercing

The versatility of the nose piercing is what makes it one of our top facial piercings. You can pierce practically any part of your nose- your septum, nostril, bridge, and so on. There are also a variety of different rings that you can use in nose piercings, including seemless rings, studs, and bead rings. Septum piercings usually feature a circular barbell, but the popularity of septum piercings has made it so there are now endless options to how you decorate your piercing.

Nose piercings fit all types of styles. So whether you’re going for the punk look, the fashionista look, or your own unique style, there’s nose jewelry to fit it.

Labret Piercing

A labret piercing is done below the lower lip and above the chin. Although there aren’t quite as many variations as the nose ring, there are a few different types of labret piercings. A vertical labret piercing is when the piercing is both below the lower lip and the top of the lower lip. It’s usually connected with a curved barbell. Another common variation are snake bites, where two separate piercings are made next to one another on the lower lip, resembling a snake bite.

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10 Distinguished Lip Piercing Styles

Lips are a popular location to get piercings. There are many styles and locations in the mouth area that are selected for piercing and there are many different jewelry selections that can make that piercing a unique extension of your own individuality. Here is a list of some great lip piercing locations and accompanying jewelry.


The Medusa piercing is found above the top lip in between the peaks directly below the center of your nose. Make sure this piercing is aligned properly or your face will look crooked and asymmetrical. The best piece of jewelry for this location is a labret stud, since you don’t want an end piece or ring scratching on your teeth as you talk.


This is a piercing that resembles a mole which is pierced on the right for Madonna and the left for Monroe. This type of piercing is done with a labret stud, so as to not to irritate the gums and teeth when speaking.


This piercing is found directly below the center of your lower lip. It is exactly opposite of the medusa piercing. The labret piercing uses a labret stud to ensure no interference is made while speaking and eating. A captive bead ring can be placed here as well, but may not be the most comfortable option.

Vertical labret

This piercing has the jewelry coming out of the standard labret area and the other end is in the actual bottom lip. A bent barbell or captive bead ring is the best option for this location.


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 While it is now becoming more and more popular every day all over the world, the labret piercing are certainly not as well-known as some other facial piercings such as nose rings or regular ear piercings. Thus, it is important to define what it is Labret Body Jewelryexactly- a piercing in the area right below the very center of the lower lip. This is the more precise definition, but some people also consider regular lip piercings as well as Monroe piercings as part of this category. The labret piercing has been around for a relatively long time, and has been a special trend amongst the males of American Northwest Coast Indians. After a while, the piercing spread to females as well, and now both genders get them frequently.

Labret Piercing Healing Time

Compared to a lot of other piercings, labret piercings are especially slow to heal, because they are in such a delicate area. But despite the length of the piercing’s recovery, which could last anywhere from 9 to 12 months, they can be worth getting. However, just like all other piercings, it is very important for them to be kept clean and properly cared for.

How Much Does a Labret Piercing Cost?

Labret piercings will not cost you an outrageous amount of money. On the other hand, they are actually relatively inexpensive to get; the average price is around 50 dollars. Just make sure you get it done by someone who knows what he or she is doing, as a poorly done piercing can lead to unpleasant gum or tooth damage.Lip Rings

Where Do I Get Pierced?

Look for a tattoo parlor or a piercing shop to get your labret piercing, you will likely not need to look too far, especially if you live in a large city. On the other hand, however, if you happen to live in a smaller town, it might prove a bit more difficult, so try to travel out to a larger city if you’re having problems locating one.

The Meaning

You might be a bit disappointed to discover that unfortunately, labret piercings do not usually have a lot of sentimental meaning. Perhaps they used to, but there are not enough studies today to prove that they would be associated with possibly wealth or anything else. The only thing people know for sure today is that they were long ago used to help identify members of the tribe. But as this is no longer the case, you’re probably better off just finding your own meaning for your labret, or using it to enhance your lips.

If you're looking for labret/lip ring jewelry check this page out:

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