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Body Piercing Information

When getting pierced it’s important to find the right studio for you! Not just because you need to be comfortable with the employees and the price, but because choosing the wrong studio could lead to nasty infections or ending up with a piercing you didn’t want in the first place.

Here are the signs you should be looking out for when choosing where to get pierced:

They Don’t Show Examples of their Work

While getting examples of a studios work is often referred to when getting a tattoo, it can be just as important when getting pierced. Why get pierced when you don’t know what you’ll end up with? Who knows if they’re well known for spreading infections or using dodgy piercings?

They Don’t Use Gloves & Reuse their Needles!

Firstly, gross!

If you see a piercing place reusing needles or piercing without gloves, that’s the first and only sign you’ll need to have you walking right out the door. When getting pierced, hygiene is so utterly important that any piercer that disregards simple tactics like wearing gloves doesn’t actually care about your safety.

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Body Piercings

I for one, as a pierced person, am always harking on about how terrible piercing guns are. But what’s really so terrible about them? Well, keep reading to find out!

They Don’t “Pierce” as Much as “Push”

The way a needle works is that it’s actually hollow. That means that when pushed against your skin a circular hole is actually being cut out of the spot you’ve chosen. It may sound scary, but it’s much safer than the piercing gun alternative!

Piercing guns are much faster than a needle. This isn’t for the customer to feel less pain, but because it needs to be fast in order to jam the earring it uses as a needle straight into the ear. Rather than cutting a hole in the skin, a gun pushes the skin aside in order to make room for the earring. This can be really bad for your skin!

My ears were pierced with a gun when I was a young girl, and I can still feel a hard layer around the hole where the excess skin has been forced to reposition itself. Just imagine the damage this could cause to harder cartilage areas like the nose and upper ear?

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Upper Frenulum Piercing

We can all agree that the most beautiful thing a person can wear is a smile. A sign of happiness or appreciation, a person smiles an average of 20 times a day. The smiley piercing, or equally known as the scrumper piercing, will be noticed when a person smiles or their upper lip retracts. It is pierced through the thin, delicate tissue that connects the upper lip to the gums. Virtually pain free and obviously one of a kind, the scrumper is an up and coming piercing that people are getting done more and more everyday.


This piercing is known to have a quick and easy healing process, but proper care will be needed for a successful scrumper piercing! Since it is an oral piercing, caution must be taken with what one eats. Spicy food and extreme hot or cold food will make the piercing sensitive. Smoking and alcohol consumption will make the healing process more painful and put the frenulum at risk for infection and fall out. Kissing or any oral activity with another person is not recommended. The urge to touch this piercing will be prevalent in even the strongest of wills. Hands should be clean if this urge is too much. The tongue should not play with the jewelry either. Rinsing the piercing with warm salt water after meals and before bed is suggested by most piercing professionals. Avoid mouthwashes containing alcohol. For the scrumper piercing to heal and for you to be on your smiling way expect a month to three months of recovery time. The jewelry used by the piercer should be kept in until it is fully healed! 

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5 Unusual Piercing Ideas

Your body is an empty canvas with plenty of space for expressing yourself with tattoos and piercings. But do you know all of the different piercings that are possible? Check out this list of five of the more unusual body piercings that you probably didn't know you could get.

Back Dimple or Sacral Piercing

The sacral or back dimple piercing is a newer trend that uses microdermal piercings in the lower back on either side of the sacrum. Microdermals are single point piercings where a base heals under the skin and the top shows above the skin. A piercer can use a needle, a pair of needles, or a punch and taper technique for this piercing.

Some women have natural sacral dimples and add gems to accentuate them. Those without natural dimples can play with the placement a little and have the piercings closer together or even get double piercings on each side. While microdermals are versatile and typically heal easily, this particular placement can be problematic. Clothing and chairs often rub up against them causing irritation and migration and they have a good chance of eventually rejecting.

Back Dimple Dermal Piercing

Upper Lip Frenulum Piercing or Smiley Piercing

Most lip piercings are noticeable right away, but the upper lip frenulum piercing needs a smile to reveal its existence—earning it the nickname of a smiley piercing. This piercing goes through the small amount of webbing between the upper lip and the gums. Any style of captive bead ring can be worn in this piercing. A seamless ring is another choice if you don't want a bead on the jewelry.

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Piercing Allergic Signs

When you get a new piercing, it is important to pay attention to how it heals so you can look out for signs of trouble from either an infection or allergic reaction. If you are having a hard time distinguishing what normal healing looks like or if you think you have a problem, then read on. The following guidelines should help you determine if you are allergic to your piercing.

What’s Normal After a Piercing

A piercing is a small wound and it needs time to heal. There are a few signs of healing that could easily be mistaken for an allergic reaction. The first day of the piercing you will notice a little bleeding. The area will be swollen and feel tender for up to a week. You might even see some bruising. These are normal reactions from the body after getting a piercing. As the piercing heals, the swelling will go down and the body will produce some fluids that dry as a light yellow crust on the jewelry. There still may be a little discoloration around the piercing site. There will likely be some light itching during healing as well. These are all normal signs of healing.

Signs of an Allergic Reaction

The first major sign of an allergic reaction is a rash. If there is anything that looks like a rash or severe redness around the site of the piercing, you should have your piercer check it out. Secondly, any excessive itchiness around the piercing should be noted. The third major sign is a lot of clear fluid oozing from the piercing site. Some fluid drainage and itchiness are expected, but an excess of either is a sign of a problem. Excessive redness, itchiness, and drainage of yellow or green pus (not a clear fluid) are signs of an infection in your piercing and you should see your piercer right away to address and manage it.

What Causes an Allergic Reaction?

There are two main culprits that can cause your body to have an allergic reaction at the site of your new piercing: the material of the jewelry in place and the cleaning solution being used.

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Top 5 Piercings for Men

Men have a lot of options for piercings, and choosing the right one can take some time. There’s always the fear of looking too feminine, or the fear that a piercing just won’t look good. To help you decide which piercing is right for you, here’s a closer look at the top five piercings for men.

1. Helix

The helix is the cartilage on the upper ear. A helix piercing is done by piercing the cartilage with a small gauge needle. It’s among one of the more common male piercings because there are a variety of masculine studs and bead rings that can be worn in the piercing. It heals pretty easily and isn’t very painful. One variation of this piercing is the industrial piercing, which is two helix piercings next to each other, holding the same jewelry (usually a barbell).

2. Earlobe

Although an earlobe piercing might conjure up images of a girls wearing fancy jewelry in their ears, this can actually be a very masculine piercing. Many men stretch their earlobes. They put bigger sizes earrings, called plugs or gauges, in the earlobe. Then, the hole gets bigger by gradually stretching it. This process takes awhile, but the result can be a desired sized hole in the earlobe. If the ear is not stretched, most men stick to simple studs & circular barbells for their jewelry.

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Cartilage Piercing Body Jewelry Styles

Cartilage piercings are usually referring to piercings of the ear, although then nose is also made of cartilage. There are more piercings to the ear than just earlobe piercings. There are several options to choose from, depending on your own style. The ear has several options to select from and can truly be a stylish way to express yourself.

Cartilage piercings are very trendy and stylish as there are many locations to select from and different types of jewelry for this locations that can truly make the experience unique. They are also not very painful in the scheme of piercings, due to the tough cartilage in the area instead of soft tissue. Here are some of the options for your ear cartilage piercings.

Daith - This is growing in popularity due to the link of this piercing and a reduction in migraines. The location is known to be a pressure point that can reduce the onset of migraines in certain studies. This piercing is located in the innermost fold in your ear before you get to the ear canal. Jewelry selection is usually a captive bead ring.

Daith Body Jewelry

Tragus - This is the piercing on the flap that almost covers the ear canal. It is usually pierced with a stud piercing or a captive bead ring. It also has been shown to help with migraine relief.

Tragus Body Jewelry

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Body Piercing Guide For Beginners

You are ready to commit to an awesome piercing, but you need some guidance on how to make the right decisions during this process. This is the article for you! This step-by-step guide will help you determine the best way to obtain your first piercing.

Select Your Piercer

This is not a quick and simple task, it is the most important task in the process. You will need to research the piercing shops in your area and determine if they are licensed, clean, and hopefully members of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP). Then you need to pay a visit to each of your top-rated shops and watch how the perform piercings. Make sure they are using sterile equipment and that they have a great clean technique (not putting gloves on and then walking around andBody Piercing Studio touching other things in the shop). They should put on new gloves and only touch you and the piercing equipment. Once you have found “the piercer,” you are almost ready to get your piercing.

Check their Portfolio

Once you have found the shop and piercer, take the time to flip through their portfolio and check their reviews out online. There should be recent piercings and the piercings that have healed for months, so you can get an idea on the quality of their work. You also want to know what they charge and if that is comparable to others and their rates. A standard nose, ear or lip piercing should only run $30-$60, depending on your location.

Make an Appointment

So, now you have the perfect piercer and idea for your piercing.Make an appointment and take the plunge. It may be a bit painful, but nothing you can’t handle. You may cry a bit, but it will be over in minutes. The adrenaline will pass and you will have your very own new piercing.Body Piercer

What’s Next?

Now, you need to ensure you are taking care of the piercing properly. The most important thing is to ensure it is clean. The piercing should be rinsed with saline solution to keep it clean and infection free. You should also avoid oceans, lakes, river, and hot tubs, which can breed bacteria. You have a tiny wound (aka hole) in your body and it can let invaders in and cause infection. You may be excited about your new piercing and want to accessorize and change your body jewelry, but refrain from this practice until your piercing has healed. You will know when it heals, because it will no longer be red or irritated and when you move your jewelry around it will not cause any discomfort. Some piercings will heal in 4-6 weeks and others may take up to 9 months to heal (like the industrial).

Enjoy your first piercing and ensure that it is a positive experience by selecting the proper piercer and by taking the proper precautions to care for your piercing afterwards. Piercings can be a great accessory and be nearly painless if you take care of them.

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Body Piercing Sizes

Determining that you want a piercing is the first step. Next, is to determine where you want that piercing to be located. Then you must select the type of body jewelry you are interested in wearing and the size of the hole you would like to have, termed gauge in piercing language.

So, first things first, gauge numbers get smaller as the hole gets bigger. Knowing this information is pretty helpful, since we always assume higher numbers mean larger things. The piercing that you receive in a particular location, may not be the same gauge that your friend received. This can be due to placement or the thickness of the area being pierced. Remember, a good piercer will assess you as an individual and decide what will work best for your particular piercing.

Belly button piercings

These are pretty standard piercings at 12 or 14 gauge in diameter. If you are concerned with migration, consider getting a larger diameter piercing.

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Choosing a Piercer

Now that you have decided that you want a piercing it is time to select the proper piercer. It is your responsibility to select a reputable piercer that performs clean and licensed work.


If you find a shop that you are interested in obtaining a piercing from, ask to see their autoclave. This will ensure that they are using one and that it is a steam and pressure system and not just dry heat. Check that your studio performs quality checks of their sterilizer with spore tests. They should have records of this available to show you and ease your mind that their autoclave sterilizer is working properly.

Set up

Take the time to watch a piercing take place. Watch the piercer prior to them piercing someone. They should wash their hands and glove up prior to the piercing. Watch them as they touch sterile equipment and the subject being pierced. If they touch anything other than those two areas, they should change their gloves. All needles and body jewelry should be in sterilized Industrial Piercingpouches and discarded into a biohazard sharps container.


Your piercing shop should have an aftercare sheet that gives instructions on how to clean your piercing. They should be up-to-date and be recommending sea salt cleansers and not harsh chemicals like soaps and hydrogen peroxide.


The shop itself should be clean. The rugs should be vacuumed, windows washed, and the shop should have a sterile environment feel. The restroom should be clean and in order. The manner in which a store is maintained says a lot about how the shop feels about cleanliness. The store should be immaculate and smell pleasant upon your arrival. Piercing guns should not be in use, so ensure that your piercer uses piercing needles and not a gun, which is not easily disinfected.


The shop you select should be licensed by the state and legally able to practice piercing in your state. You should also select a piercer that is a member of the APP, Association of Professional Piercers. This organization is a great way to ensure your piercer is keeping up-to-date with the newest techniques and recommendations from the association.Body Piercing Shop


Check the portfolios of the artists and determine the piercing you would like and the location. Once you have decided that part, determine if they are well-versed in those particular piercings. Then check with them to see what type of jewelry is recommended for the area you are interested in. Look at photos and see that the piercings are in aesthetically pleasing locations for the body parts selected.

Take your time when deciding to get a new piercing. It should not be a spur of the moment decision and you should be sober for the event. Do your research and find the best shop with the best rating and best piercing artist. Remember, you get what you pay for, so don’t skimp and ensure you are getting a high quality piercer and product. Now relax and enjoy your new piercing.

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Cheek Piercings

Have you always wanted dimples? Now is your chance. Cheek piercings are all the rage and can give you the dimples you have always wanted. Cheek piercings are also known as dimple piercings. The piercing goes through the cheek area and is usually accented with cubic zirconia or a barbell, some even go with spikes. Whatever your selection, make sure it is the style you are looking for.

This history of cheek piercings dates back to the Aleutian islands off the coast of Alaska, where hunters went to hunt for seal. The cheek piercings were a way to look like seals, the piercings being their whiskers. The technique made the seals surface because they felt as if they were relatives of the fisherman. This tactic worked well for the fisherman and became a common piercing for that working group.

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Popular Piercings For Men

Piercings can bring out a whole new style in your life. Determining that you want a piercing is the first step and then deciding where you are going to put this piercing is the next step. The final step is selecting the type of jewelry that works best for this location. Piercings are a great way to express your individuality and show the world what your inner style has always known.

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