Must Have Septum Clickers for Girls

Septum clickers are one of the hottest new looks for girls today. The piercing location referred to is the nostril septum. This type of piercing is usually a ring with a straight metal bar that clicks into the ring and secures the jewelry in the nose. The cool part of this piercing jewelry is that it clicks into place inside the nostril and the decorated portion of the jewelry is the only part seen.

The gauge used in these types of piercings are normally from 16G & 14G for this location of piercing. There are also different diameters that you can select from to have the clicker right near your nose or hanging further down with ¼” being the smallest and ½” as the largest. It is important to measure and determine what will fit best on your nose. The healing time for these piercings is around 6-8 weeks. They usually run around $50-60 for this type of piercing. Jewelry can range in price from $10-$30 for an average septum clicker.

The septum piercing style is adopted from the Middle Eastern culture where it represents wealth and beauty. When worn in today’s culture it is an attractive piercing that mimics the style of a goddess. The look is flawless and very appealing. There are even false septum clickers that can be placed in the nose to mimic the look of a real septum piercing. They can be removed if the location or workplace do not allow facial body jewelry. The real septum piercings can be pierced with jewelry that can be hidden in the nostril to obstruct from the view of employers.

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