While certainly not everyone may have heard of hematite, it is actually a very major part of human life and has been this way since the beginning of time, or so it is believed. Evidence would indeed support this, since it is associated with the very first root chakra. This means that it plays a major role in the spiritual level by helping to calm fears and to encourage higher personal energies.

But apart from this, hematite also carries some art related properties as well as emotional ones. Its name comes from haima, a GreekHematite Stone Ear Gauges word meaning blood, which was associated with it due to the mineral’s frequently reddish coloring. It is because of this that many different cultures have used this hard, brittle iron oxide as pigment for their cave paintings as well as body paint, which was said to protect warriors in battle. Today, however, most hematite used is a grey, polished surface.

As for physical healing, hematite was used often to support various body functions, such as kidneys and the blood. For instance, it would be used to improve iron absorption into the bloodstream, or to help with kidney problems. It would also be sometimes used to help with blood clotting and removing unwanted chemicals or toxins from the blood. It is in this way that hematite has long promoted healing and the balancing of hormone levels. How does it balance hormone levels? Well, while it might not target the hormones themselves, hematite is said to calm the nervous system and help with headaches and concentration problems. When paired with magnets, hematite’s healing properties increase, and it is sometimes used to protect people from the negative energy that one might acquire from working on the computer or other electronics for too long. Hematite also is believed to support the achievement of various goals through the reduction of stress and elimination of negative thoughts. Related to the powerful planet Mars and its astrological sign of Aries, the stone ensures that people do not limit themselves and always strive higher. In this way, hematite can promote optimism and a good mind set.

Hematite has many positive affects upon not only the body, but also the soul and the mind. But besides this, it is also frequently used in the everyday world. For instance, it can be considered a talisman that will protect the wearer from negative energies and also helps with his or her own feelings by bringing on a sense of calm to the person. The stone is also said to help prevent people from getting too involved in others’ problems, and is often used in meditation for the purpose of resolving legal disputes and other serious judgments. If insterested we do have Hematite plugs that are available on the website https://www.urbanbodyjewelry.com/plugs-and-tunnels/single-flare-hematite-stone-plugs.html.

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Beautifully crafted rose bud stone plugs. Available in five different stone color options; black, green, teal, pink, and precious opalite. The sizes / gauges range from 2g, 0g, 00g, 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 11/16", and 20mm. Each plug is unique due to the nature of the stone. Smooth surface with a double flare to keep these in your lobes without "O" rings. Price starts at $15.99/pair. Click the links below to view each style.

  • Double flared
  • Shiny smooth surface
  • 5 different styles to pick from

Sold in pairs Opalite Stone Rose Bud

Rose Bud Opalite Ear Gauges























Teal Rose Bud Stone Plugs

 Teal Rose Bud Stone Gauge Plugs























Black Quartz Rose Bud Stone Plugs

 Black Quartz Rose Bud Stone Ear Gauges






















Green Jade Rose Bud Stone Plugs

Jade Green Rose Bud Stone Ear Gauges























Pink Quartz Rose Bud Stone Plugs

Pink Quartz Rose Bud Stone Gauges























All orders over $20 get free 1st class USPS shipping!

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 Opalite is an unusual semi-precious stone, frequently used for some very beautiful jewelry pieces. Weather you wear tunnels or plugs, this material will instantly be able to bring a unique kind of beauty to your ears, with colorful swirls that immediately attract great complements for everyone.

If you aren’t one to reach for attention as often, there is a wonderful side to opalite that you will find appealing- not only is the Opalite Stone Ear Gaugescolor of the stone soft and neutral, it will also pair up with pretty much any kind of outfit or attitude. For instance, if you prefer to wear darker colors, your opalite plugs or tunnels will bring a nice contrast to your outfit. On the other hand, if you usually tend to opt for brighter colors already, then opalite will be able to blend along with them very nicely, enhancing them with various flecks of gold, pink or green. No matter what kind of sense of style you have, opalite will make a great combination with it.

So what if opalite can be attractive when worn with anything? What if I can’t wear it? If you find that you are allergic to a lot of metal alloys that jewelry is now made of, or if you just have very sensitive skin, then don’t fret. Nickel and other cheap metal-free, this semi-precious stone will not likely cause any kind of irritation that other materials can often cause.

It is obvious that opalite is a valuable stone- it’s both attractive and comfortable to wear. However, shouldn’t that make it rather expensive? Well, the answer is- not at all! They are actually rather inexpensive compared to a lot of other semi-precious stones and jewelry materials. Durable, fashionable, safe and affordable, this is definitely worth buying.

You can see the a list of the different Opalite styles here: https://www.urbanbodyjewelry.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=opalite

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Unakite (pronounced yü-nə-kīt) was born from the Unaka Mountains, which run along the borders of Tennessee and North Carolinas. As a semiprecious stone, it combines streaks of green epidote, pink orthoclase feldspar as well as some clear quartz in a beautiful combination. Because of this, the stone is considered “altered granite” and is named after a formation that blends two different states. While it is sometimes confused with epidosite, unakite is different because it also contains feldspar.

There are many different uses for this balancing gem. Because it seems to balance its components so well, it is Unakite Stone Ear Gaugesconsidered to help maintain a balance between the mundane and the spiritual life, and in this way creating a feeling of completeness. Because it is believed to also bring back the body’s natural balance, it is also used as a grounding stone.

Unakite is also said to possess some healing qualities as well. It supposedly removes negative energy from the 4th Chakra or the Heart Chakra. Some believe it is also capable of removing blockages from other Chakras, too. The stone has a reputation for stabilizing various body functions such as purifying the blood when worn around the neck or ankles or wrists. This balances impurities and removes any blockages.

Related to the mind, the stone also removes obstacles, especially those associated with personal growth. It helps with things like emotional trauma or pain buried deep in the psyche. Why would one wish to remove these obstacles? Well, the reason is quite obvious- when these obstacles are present, they can affect a person very negatively, and cause all kinds of illnesses incurable by mundane medical treatment.

Unakite is also special in other ways, as it helps build self-confidence. This is due to the fact that it removes the obstacles mentioned above, allowing self-confidence to return and thus grant the person more power as an individual. Lastly, unakite is said to be a benefit for babies and children. When given to a pregnant woman, it is said to bring on a healthy, stable environment with its blending abilities.

Checkout the single flare and double flare Unakite stone plugs below


https://www.urbanbodyjewelry.com /unakite-single-flare-stone-plugs.html

For a complete look at all the stone plugs in the collection click here: https://www.urbanbodyjewelry.com/plugs-and-tunnels.html?material=141


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How do you keep your stone plugs clean? Do you always use the harshest abrasives that can work really well on durableUrban Stone Plugs Gauges materials and metals or gemstones? Or do you fear cleaning your body jewelry what so ever? Well, in either case, you are not doing the right thing. Cleaning your stone body jewelry is important, and with the use of the right supplies, you can do it quickly and easily- and most importantly- correctly, so that it doesn’t get damaged but still gets cleaned.

Why You Should Clear Your Stone Body Jewelry Plugs

First of all, why should you care about cleaning your jewelry at all? While it certainly does help keep it looking nice, there is another reason to why you may wish to invest the time to clean it properly. Stones often absorb odors very easily, and if this happens with stone body jewelry, you will end up smelling unpleasantly. Besides, cleaning your body jewelry is also important for sanitary reasons. Bacteria can develop on dirty jewelry, causing infections and other unpleasant events.

What You Need

Cleaning stone plugs might not actually be as hard as you’d imagine now. You won’t be needing any special How To Clean Stone Ear Gaugessupplies- and the only ones you will need are relatively inexpensive to get: mild antibacterial soap, soft brush or cloth and also some warm water. The only thing to remember is that everything has to be soft- especially the bristles on your brush, if you opt to use it instead of the cloth. Anything rough can damage your jewelry.

How To Do It

Be gentle with your jewelry as you rub your fingers around the stones in a bowl of soapy water. You may not even need a cloth or a brush- only if there is a lot of dirt stuck to the stones. Once the plugs are all cleaned, run it under a faucet or dip it into a bowl of clean water. After this, just leave it drying out for at least a good 12 hours. For a trick to make your jewelry shine, add a tiny dab of olive oil.

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Stone plugs are a great material to wear because they offer unique styles and are one of a kind pieces. Each plug is unique because the nature of the stone which makes every piece different. We do our best to give you a matching set. The Urban Stone Plugs are available in 10 sizes / gauges starting at 4g,2g,0g,00g,1/2",9/16",5/8",3/4",7/8" & 1 inch. Double flared to keep the plugs in your lobes without the use of "O" rings so make sure you can fit double flares in your ears. The price starts at $15/pair.

 Urban Stone Green Gauges
















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