Choosing a Body Piercer

Choosing a Piercer

Now that you have decided that you want a piercing it is time to select the proper piercer. It is your responsibility to select a reputable piercer that performs clean and licensed work.


If you find a shop that you are interested in obtaining a piercing from, ask to see their autoclave. This will ensure that they are using one and that it is a steam and pressure system and not just dry heat. Check that your studio performs quality checks of their sterilizer with spore tests. They should have records of this available to show you and ease your mind that their autoclave sterilizer is working properly.

Set up

Take the time to watch a piercing take place. Watch the piercer prior to them piercing someone. They should wash their hands and glove up prior to the piercing. Watch them as they touch sterile equipment and the subject being pierced. If they touch anything other than those two areas, they should change their gloves. All needles and body jewelry should be in sterilized Industrial Piercingpouches and discarded into a biohazard sharps container.


Your piercing shop should have an aftercare sheet that gives instructions on how to clean your piercing. They should be up-to-date and be recommending sea salt cleansers and not harsh chemicals like soaps and hydrogen peroxide.


The shop itself should be clean. The rugs should be vacuumed, windows washed, and the shop should have a sterile environment feel. The restroom should be clean and in order. The manner in which a store is maintained says a lot about how the shop feels about cleanliness. The store should be immaculate and smell pleasant upon your arrival. Piercing guns should not be in use, so ensure that your piercer uses piercing needles and not a gun, which is not easily disinfected.


The shop you select should be licensed by the state and legally able to practice piercing in your state. You should also select a piercer that is a member of the APP, Association of Professional Piercers. This organization is a great way to ensure your piercer is keeping up-to-date with the newest techniques and recommendations from the association.Body Piercing Shop


Check the portfolios of the artists and determine the piercing you would like and the location. Once you have decided that part, determine if they are well-versed in those particular piercings. Then check with them to see what type of jewelry is recommended for the area you are interested in. Look at photos and see that the piercings are in aesthetically pleasing locations for the body parts selected.

Take your time when deciding to get a new piercing. It should not be a spur of the moment decision and you should be sober for the event. Do your research and find the best shop with the best rating and best piercing artist. Remember, you get what you pay for, so don’t skimp and ensure you are getting a high quality piercer and product. Now relax and enjoy your new piercing.