Cool Accessories For Your Ear Stretching Plugs

Looking for something new and unique to go with your stretched jewelry plugs? Look no further, we just introduced three new styyles of "O" rings for single and no flare plugs. Each style is available in the following sizes/gauges: 8G,6G,4G,2G,0G,00G,1/2",9/16", & 5/8". 6 pieces included with purchase. For $4 you can spice up your normal style with a star, pink flower, or a saw blade, this will make your old plugs new again.

Pink Flower "O" Rings

Pink Flower "O" Rings For Gauges

Black Star "O" Rings

Star "O" Rings For Gauges

Saw Blade Design "O" Rings

Saw "O" Rings Gauges

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