Eyebrow Piercings That Create a Rise

Eyebrow Piercing

Eyebrow piercings are a trending piercing in the male and female population. This trend is not brand new, it has been around for years. But it is not an ancient culture type of piercing. The roots are only as far back as the 1960’s and the punk fashion era. The piercing in the eyebrow was for the rebels and the punk bands.

What type of jewelry is used in the eyebrow piercings? A standard barbell piercing is the most common, but there are different options available. Twister rings are spiral rings that usually have colorful bead ends. This piercing gives a unique style and a little “twist.” Circular barbells are also great options because there is a slight curve to most people’s eyebrows. The banana barbell can also have arrows on the ends to make it look a bit more dangerous. Captive bead rings are also an option for this are as well.

Eyebrow piercings are great ways to show off your adventurous side. It is a great option for expressing yourself in a unique manner. 

What type of gauge size is used in this area? The eyebrow is basically a surface piercing, since it isn’t going through cartilage and is very shallow. The standard gauge for this area is between a 18 gauge and an 16 gauge. Any thinner and you may have migration, since the piercing is shallow.

The piercing can be vertical or horizontal and it just depends on the style you are looking for. Some people even go with a Mens Eyebrow Piercingdiagonal piercing to show that they are a little off center and straying from the norm in the piercing world. There are also T-Eyebrow piercings that have a vertical and horizontal piercing together that forms a “T.” There is also an anti-eyebrow piercing that is found on the lower side of the usual eyebrow position. It is advisable to do the piercing in the corner area of your eye and not directly above the eye, which can be annoying when blinking and wearing sunglasses. Even more important is that orbital nerves are found above the eye and you do not want to damage these.

This piercing has its advantages. It is not very painful, it is not gender specific, it heals fairly quickly, and it is awesome because it draws attention to your eyes. It also has some disadvantages that you must be aware of, like jewelry getting trapped and skin infection. So keep the area clean and ensure you have a large enough gauge that there is not a chance for migration. Large end beads and barbells can be the best option to prevent this from occurring.

For information and aftercare please see this article: https://www.urbanbodyjewelry.com/pages/eyebrow-piercing-information-aftercare

Eyebrow piercings are great ways to show off your adventurous side. It is a great option for expressing yourself in a unique manner. This piercing will give you the style you are looking for and a little bit of that edge that sets you apart from the rest. This is a bold piercing, so make sure it will fit into your style and that it is allowable in your current or future workplace, since it is pretty hard to hide without just removing.