Mustache Plugs Just In Time For Movember

Mustaches are in right now thats for sure! So why not get a pair for your stretched lobes? With that said we are now stocked with two different styles of musatche plugs. Both styles are singles flares and available in the following sizes/gauges: 2G,0G,00G,1/2",9/16",5/8",3/4",7/8", and 1inch. One style has a crisp bright I Love Mustaches logo, while the other style glows in the dark and has a gentleman mustache logo. Click the links or pictures below to see them in the shop.

I Love Mustache Plugs

Mustache Gauges























 Glow In The Dark Mustache Plugs

Mustache Ear Gauges
























Prices start at $11/pair

2 black "O" rings included

What is Movember you ask? Well Movember is next month and it starts with men growing out their mustaches to recieve donations towards their Movember group. Last year over 10 million dollars was raised! You can see more here: