New Today: Myriad Hinged Segment Rings!

Hinged Segment Hoop Piercing Rings

The Hinged Segment ring is totally underrated, and these new beauties just hit the shop. A segment ring is the perfect way to showcase a piercing with more style and flare then a simple captive bead. The best part about the segment ring is the fact that they are so versatile. Not only can they be used in the septum, but they can be used in other healed piercings such as the daith! Check out these Myriad Hinged Segment Rings in a variety of different materials.

This segment ring is a 16 gauge and it is made with Rose Gold PVD on stainless Steel. You can grab this piece individually for 21.95$. This is a gorgeous way to add a little extra design to a simple piercing. Shop link:

Rose Gold Tribal Hinged Segment Ring

 This piece is made with Gold PVD on 316L Stainless Steel it. This is sold in a 16 gauge with multiple diameters to fit your piercing comfortably. The gold in this piece gives it a modern Aztec look. It has just enough design to pop and it is sold as an individual piece! You can grab this piece for 21.95$. Shop link:

Segment Piercing Hoop

The 316L Stainless Steel gives this piece a classic element. It is sold as a 16 gauge with a variety of diameters. This piece is sold individually for 21.95$. Shop link:

Silver Clicker Hoop Rings