Tamarind Wood Plugs & Tunnels

If you're looking for some exotic wood plugs, the Tamarind Wood Plugs will do you just right. Available in sizes/gauges: 8G, 6G, 4G, 2G, 0G, 00G, 7/16", 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 15/16", 26mm, 28mm, 30mm. Prices range from $13/pair - $24/pair. 12mm wearable area with a double flare style plugs. You can pick from either a plug or tunnel whichever fits your taste.  The nature of the wood makes each plug unique, and we do our best to give you a matching pair. 

Tamarind Wood Plugs

Tamarind Wood Plugs Gauges
























Tamarind Wood Tunnels

Tamarind wood tunnel gauges
























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