The Best Plugs and Tunnels to Get in 2017

Best Plugs & Gauges

2017 is all about ear piercings. That means stocking up on all of the beautiful plugs to go with your new conch piercing or diving head first into the delicate trend. Whichever way you go, we’ve got tons of options for you!

Opalite Glass Plugs

This year is all about opalite, opalite, opalite.

Whether it’s pink or classic milky white we’re in love with opalite. It gives your stretched ears a subtle ghostly vibe, all while mimicking the classic opal stone. They’re great for freshly stretched ears as well.

Just check out how classic these golden lotus opalite encrusted plugs are!

Opal Eyelets


Speaking of stone style plugs, we’re obsessed with these rosebud rose quartz and rosebud aventurine plugs. How cute are they?

Rose Gold Tunnels!

2017 is going to be all about delicate and feminine piercing jewelry. Don’t rule out stretched ears for this trend. Try out rose gold tones for a delicate feel and simplify them by rocking tunnels.

These tones are also great for mixing with other metallics like silver and traditional gold for a trendy mixed metal look. Don’t be afraid of crossing colors.

Heart and Teardrop Shapes

If you’re super dedicated to a femme feel why not opt for heart shaped plugs or other pretty shapes? For example teardrops are great for adding a touch of a delicate vibe. Plus, heart tunnels are great for hanging other more ornate earrings or weights from as well.

Wood Heart Gauges

Don’t these black heart shaped tunnels or even these pink quartz stone heart shaped plugs get you inspired to try out new shapes and styles all across any ear piercings you have.

Amethyst Gauges

Dichroic Glass!

This is not a new type of design. Dichroic has been used for ages, but the styles are getting even more unique and fitting. Check out these new three dichroic glass designs we just released.

Ear Spirals Glass Glass Ear Spirals Ear Hangers

Don’t Forget Plugs for Your New Conch Piercing

Since we’re already obsessing about layering ear piercings for a hardcore uniquely 2017 look, why not check out these plugs that would work perfectly for a conch piercing. I’m imagining rocking a plug in your conch and then a hoop through the conch like a makeshift helix. How cool!

These black single flare glass plugs would mix perfectly with a rose gold hoop. Or even with our Posy Brass Earring Weights. Talk about mixing metals!

If you’re Not into That Delicate Look

For those of you who aren’t concerned with following the trendy delicate look we’re expecting to see a lot of in 2017, you can’t go wrong with simple stainless steel plugs. You can’t go wrong matching these with all of your other piercings for a hardcore hardware look.

Well, here are the plugs and tunnels we’ll be rocking in 2017! What about you? Have you seen something you just have to have?