The Circular Barbell

Circular Barbell Rings

Circular barbell piercings (or commonly called and known as “horseshoe piercings” due to their shape) are one of many jewelry options available to those who are pierced and body modified. They come in a wide variety of gauges (jewelry is measured through a gauge which is the size around the piercings largest part). A standard piercing size is 14 gauge, and as the numbers get lower the bigger the size gets. Circular barbells general only come in sizes 14 - 00g.

There are a few material options when considering a circular barbell. By far, the most common materials used are stainless steel and titanium, which are recommended by professional piercers. Some of the piercings you can use a circular barbell for include; ears, tragus, septum piercings, lips, eyebrows or sometimes even more sensitive places on the body.

There are two different threading options on circular barbell body jewelry; internal and external threading. Internal threading is when the jewelry has a threaded hole inside the shaft and an external thread protruding from the ball. A piece of jewelry that is externally threaded means that the jewelry has the thread on the end of the barbell and it is placed inside a threaded hole within the ball. Some people prefer one type over the other, but it is generally recommended to avoid externally threaded jewelry on a fresh piercing. External threading has an exposed thread on the post and doesn’t enter and exit the piercing as easily as an internally threaded piece of jewelry, which not only prevents injuring the area, but also allows to keep the newly pierced area a lot more sanitary.

Circular Horsehose Barbells

Don’t forget, make sure to do your research! Find a reputable piercer in your area. A quick Google search and a short read over some customer reviews should easily tell you if the shop you are interested in is fantastic and professional, or if they are to be avoided.

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