The Monroe Piercing

Monroe Piercings

This piercing is mimicking a beauty mark from the beauty Marilyn Monroe, hence why it is located on the left side upper lip. This is where Marilyn’s beauty mark was located and that mark is synonymous with beauty. A piercing in the same position on the right side is known as a Madonna piercing, since that is where her beauty mark is located. This piercing is more popular with females than men, but it can still be found in the male population. Men tend to dress it up with spikes and larger gauge piercings to make it look more masculine.

The most popular size gauge for this piercing is a 14, 16, or 18 and the labret is the most common jewelry selection for this Girl Monroe Piercinglocation. Having a labret in this piercing is important, because the jewelry can clink against your teeth and cause problems if it has an end or if it is a ring. It can also cause problems eating and speaking if there is a jewelry piece in the mouth other than the flat disc from the labret stud. This metal labret disc can still cause problems with gum recession and tooth enamel problems, so there is an option to obtain a plastic disc to is less likely to cause problems with your teeth and gums.

The monroe piercing heals pretty quickly and is not as prone to infection. However, it can be pretty painful due to the bundles of nerves found in that region. The prevalence of scarring is also pretty low for this area. This piercing is usually a little more painful for men, because regular shaving causes the skin to become pretty tough in this area.

So, when did this piercing come about? This piercing is a pretty early modern day trend and hasn’t been around long. However, the history of lip piercings dates back to the African tribes and South American tribes that used lip plates to stretch their lower lips. However, the Monroe piercing is something that has evolved in the last 20 years and it really a piercing that adds a sense of beauty. It is supposed to resemble a beauty mark and that is the main purpose. It is becoming trendier in the younger populations and it is definitely favored by women. It is a great piercing to show your individual style and allow a bit of a sensual look at the same time.

Selecting the side you want this piercing will only differ in the name you call it, but you must decide what side you will be more comfortable piercing. If you sleep on one side versus the other, you may want to select the side that you don’t sleep on for the piercing. Overall comfort is important with these piercings and you want to have the best piercing for your lifestyle. Selecting a ball or a jewel is also something you will need to decide to further exemplify your personal style.