Top Ten Adventurous Piercings to Try this Summer

Summer Body Piercings

10. Constellation Piercings

Turn a simple ear piercing into a constellation! It's easy by rocking multiple ear piercing in the shape of a constellation star formation. This usually requires at least three. But this piercing still comes up at number ten on this list because it's still the most basic kind of piercing.

9. Septum Piercings

Septum piercings are simple, heal fast and with a barbel are easy to hide! What more could you want? They're so safe a bet, that's why they're so low on our list.

8. Heartilage Piercings

A heartilage piercing is a trend new piercing style that combines two cartilage piercings on the top fold of the ear with a subtle and cute heart shaped ring. This is number nine on our list because it's a new style that not many piercers do, but if you get tired of it you can always change it back to a regular old studs or bar for a staple look.

7. Tragus Piercing

The tragus piercing is a popular and cute piercing to try. It's surprisingly low on the pain scale and versatile! Rock a ring, stud or curved barbel in your tragus!

6. Vertical Tragus

While the tragus is a straightforward piercing through the little flap of cartilage close to the face, the vertical tragus is something different. Technically this is a surface piercing that occurs closer tot he face along the same flap of cartilage with two points above the layer of skin. This is a really cute place for a surface piercing that is often overlooked!

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5. An Inverse Navel Piercing

Take your navel piercing to the next level by rocking an inverse navel piercing! While the navel piercing is pierced at the top fold of the belly button, so that hanging jewelry hangs down in front of the belly button, the inverse is pierced at the bottom, so the jewelry hands down the “snail trail” section of belly.

This is a great piercing to rock on it's own or paired with a straight forward navel piercing!

4. Nipple Piercings

Nipple piercings are certainly adventurous! Go against the grain and get a single nipple piercing just on one side, or opt for a matching set. Either way, you'll look great!

3. Three Point Industrial

A three point industrial in an industrial that connects along three points of cartilage. Often this means a unique kind of bar. If you loose interest in this style, you can always go back to a regular industrial with a single bar in the centre or studs in each of the cartilage piercings.

2. Nape Piercing

The back of the neck is a great place for piercing whether that means dermal anchors or a surface piercing. It heals quite quickly, but is high up on this list because it has a high rate of rejection due to it's position.

1. A Punched Conch

A conch piercing occurs at the base of the ear cartilage, on the flattest surface in the middle of the folds. Rather than pierce this with a simple stud, why not have it punched? A surgical punch is much like a hole punch that you use on paper, but razor sharp so that it can literally cut through cartilage. A punched conch with eyelet plug jewelry looks super cool and edgy!

Just be aware, depending on the size and place where you are punched, you may never be able to heal this piercing completely shut.

What do you think of our top ten adventurous piercings to try this summer? Would you remove any or add any of your favourites? Let us know!