Various Wooden Spiral Plugs (8G-00G) - Sold Here!

Spirals are cool because they give your lobes a different style instead of the normal circular plug shape. The spirals below are all made out of wood which reduces the scent your stretched lobes produce. Sizes / gauges are limted to 8G, 6G, 4G, 2G, 0G, 00G, but you can expect to see spirals up to 1 inch next year. Available Sono wood, areng wood, saba wood and blonde wood. Price starts at $14/pair. Click the link or pictures to see the product.

Sono Wooden Spirals

Sono Wood Spiral Gauges























Areng Wooden Spirals

Areng Wooden Spiral Gauges























Blonde Wood Spirals

Blonde Wood Spiral Gauges























Saba Wooden Spirals

Saba Wooden Spiral Gauges
























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