What to Consider Before Getting a Piercing

While piercings today have become more and more popular, they are still something that requires good planning and preparation. They started out as being a single piercing on each earlobe for women. After that they moved on to being several piercings along the ear and from there people began getting tongue, lip, navel and even eyebrow piercings. Now, piercings are very common amongst society pretty much everywhere. However, there are still some things that you may Getting Ears Pierced Gaugedwish to think about before joining the crowd.

It’s great if all of your friends, cousins and siblings have cool piercings, but that doesn’t mean that you automatically need one too. Make sure that you are the one who really wants that piercing- not your secret admirer or anyone else. While a piercing can in fact be removed, you might never be able to get rid of the scar that it would leave.

Next, carefully consider the facility in which you will be getting your piercing done. If it is unsanitary, you can easily catch hepatitis or HIV- which is definitely not something anyone would want to do.

Do a little research on the piercing studio before you go there and get your piercing. Ask around- if your friends have great piercings that you like, make sure to find out where they got theirs done before just randomly strolling into a piercing parlor.

Make sure you give your piercing plenty of time to heal. Some piercings, like the navel and cartilage tend to heal very slowly and thus you might wish to wait to get them after your trip or vacation far away. While oral piercings do heal faster, it is still better to be aware of the healing period.

Alcohol is not reccomended in the piercing area, as this may easily dry out your skin and cause pain or irritation. Opt for something a bit softer- such as antibacterial soap, which will be just as affective but more gentle.

Keep in mind your job or school piercing policy before getting one. If they need to be hidden, make sure to get a piercing that will indeed be concealed.

What kinds of body jewlery do you plan to wear? This is another important thing to think about. If you want to use a large post, don’t get your piercing in a place where it will look strange. It is usually better to opt for smaller jewelry for the face, as it won’t attract as much attention but will still look delicate and interesting. While piercings can indeed look very attractive, they are more than garments and need to be carefully planned for.