What to Look For in a Piercer

If you’re looking to get a new piercing done, you might be feeling a bit anxious about the kind of piercer that you will be going to- since, after all, not only is a piercing more or less a permanent thing on your body, it is also very delicate, and can easily Piercing Gauging Shopget infected, causing potentially permanent problems. But don’t let this knowledge stop you from getting a piercing at all! Most piercers are pretty decent out there, and in the case you do encounter a bad one- just look for these signs and you’ll be sure to stay safe.


First of all, using common sense is key. If the piercer’s shop is dirty, you’re better off turning away. A good way to double check on the cleanliness is by asking to use the restroom- especially if it’s towards the back of the shop. As you stroll all the way there, take a careful look around. Are the floors dusty? Are the counters laden with undetermined sources of dirt? While some dust might be normal, there’s a fine line between what’s ok and what’s not. Don’t forget to glance at the piercer him or herself. Is he or she clean? Or do they smell a little funky? If they’re coughing or sneezing, you should probably come back another time. It’s alright to be sick sometimes, but you don’t want someone like that giving you a facial piercing.


While it is true that some states don’t actually insist that piercers get special training or licenses, it is still best to keep an eye out for them when you enter a shop. It’s unfortunate that some piercers have only their tools and experience to prove that they know what they’re doing, but if that’s the only thing you can find, then ask about it. How long has this piercer been What To Look For In a Piercerin the business? How much experience has he or she acquired? It might not feel completely normal, but you’re best off taking precautions when your body is in question.

Positive Feedback

Getting feedback, especially now that there are tools such as the internet, does not require too much knowledge of expertise, and can easily save you from a bad piercing. Just look up “bad piercer” or “piercer scam” and you’re all set to find out which piercers are good and which are not. Also, don’t be afraid to ask around. If friends have good piercings that have healed well, ask where they got theirs done. Don’t go along with your cousin Billy when he offers to pierce your nose in the basement. You might get away with an ok nose piercing, but then you might also get an infection, which is never a good thing. In any case, just make sure you know at least a little bit about your piercer’s reputation before you get yours done.