Captive Rings

When you think captive ring, you are probably thinking about a silver ring with a single silver ball. Here at Urban Body Jewelry, we have changed the captive ring image significantly! The traditional captive ring is still in style, but you have the opportunity to choose between a very simple look and a unique and one of a kind style. We have shapes that include moons, hearts, stars, and suns! Choose the color and shape that best represents you and switch up your style with glass, 14kt gold, niobium, stainless steel, and titanium. Check out the variety of sizes and prices ranges, and enjoy free shipping on domestic orders over $20.
  1. White Opalite Flat Disk Captive Ring

    White Opalite Flat Disk Captive Ring

    $ 5.95
    Sold individually (1 piece) 316L stainless steel Synthetic opal NOTICE: For the larger sizes 8G and bigger, ring openers are recommend Opal sizes below Learn More