Fake Plugs

Fake Plugs

Afraid of preeminently modifying your body? Don't like the idea of have having empty lobes, but love the look of a plug? That's okay! We have the perfect fake plugs for you! There are so many reasons that you may not want to take the plunge and start to stretch your ears and that is 100% okay! We offer a huge variety of acrylic, bone, horn, stainless steel and wood (fake) plugs. Our plugs give you the same gorgeous look of a stretched piercing without the commitment. You have all of the options you would have if you had stretched ears. We carry everything from fake plugs to fake Ear weights and tapers. You have the ability to choose what your ears look and how big you want the piercing to appear! Get creative with fake plugs!
  1. Revolver Areng Wood Hangers

    Revolver Areng Wood Hangers

    $ 22.00
    Sizes: pick from 8G - 1/2" Sold in pairs (2 pieces) Handcrafted - each piece will be slightly unique in color & pattern Carved revolver design Areng wood FREE SHIPPING on domestic orders Approximate sizes below Learn More
  2. Palmetto Wooden Saba Hangers

    Palmetto Wooden Saba Hangers

    $ 15.95
    Sold in pairs (2 pieces) Saba wood Handcrafted 8G - 5/8" Pattern & color may vary due to nature of the wood Approximate dimensions below Learn More
  3. Saba Sea Sprial Double Wood Hangers

    Saba Sea Spiral Double Wood Hangers

    $ 17.95
    Sold in pairs (2 pieces) NOTICE: these are delicate. Keep out of water. Handle with care Handcrafted - each piece will be slightly unique in color & pattern Saba & areng wood Sizes: pick from 8G - 1/2" Learn More