Fake Plugs

Fake Plugs

  1. Palmetto Wooden Saba Hangers

    Palmetto Wooden Saba Hangers

    Sold in pairs (2 pieces) Saba wood Handcrafted 8G - 5/8" Pattern & color may vary due to nature of the wood Approximate dimensions below Learn More
  2. Revolver Areng Wood Hangers

    Revolver Areng Wood Hangers

    Sizes: pick from 8G - 1/2" Sold in pairs (2 pieces) Handcrafted - each piece will be slightly unique in color & pattern Carved revolver design Areng wood FREE SHIPPING on domestic orders Approximate sizes below Learn More
  3. Elliptic Black Horn Spirals

    Elliptic Black Horn Spirals

    Sold in pairs (2pc) Sustainable water buffalo horn Carved spiral design Pick from 8G - 00G Hand made Approximate sizes below Learn More