Lip Rings

Lip Rings

Lip rings are a fabulous way to show off your lip piercing simply and fashionably. We have a wide range of sizes that begin at a 20G and move up to a 12G to meet your piercing needs. Our lip studs come in internally threaded, externally threaded, and threadless, which makes switching out the top a breeze. You will see opals, gemstones, stainless-steel & titanium tops designed to adorn your piercing. Not only do you have the option to wear a labret stud, but you can also rock a captive ring in your lip piercing! It doesn’t matter which you like better because we have a large selection of both! Show off the inner you with a large selection of lip rings! Shop Lip Ring Hoops | Gold Lip Rings
  1. Agate Stone Labret Plug

    Agate Stone Labret Plug

    $ 49.95
    Sold individually (1 piece) Available in 00G, 1/2" Polished & smooth Handcrafted Montana agate stone Concave T-backs Overall length: 12.5mm Wearable area: 10mm Learn More
  2. Agate Stone Oval Labret Plug

    Agate Stone Oval Labret Plug

    $ 59.95
    Sold individually (1 piece) Polished & smooth Handcrafted Montana agate stone Overall length: 12mm Wearable area: 10mm Concave T-backs 00G: (8mm x 12mm) 1/2": (10mm x 14mm) Learn More
  3. Titanium Flatback Stud

    Titanium Flatback Stud

    $ 6.95
    Titanium Lip Ring G23 Titanium Light Weight Perfect for new piercings 16G - 3mm ball 14G - 4mm ball External threading Learn More