Plugs & Tunnels

Ear Gauges & Plugs

Browse the selection of plugs and tunnels. Available in acrylic, bone, glass, horn, silicone, stainless steel, stone and wood! Gauge sizes start at 16 gauge and go up to 3 inches.

  1. Black Obsidian Stone Hoop Plugs

    Black Obsidian Stone Hoop Plugs

    $ 37.99
    Sold in pairs (2 pieces) Black obsidian stone Handcrafted Diameter: 47mm Choose your size 4G - 3/4" ***PLEASE NOTE: HANDMADE, SO ITEMS CAN VARY SIZEWISE ***ITEMS MADE A BIT SMALL, CHECK MEASUREMENTS BY SIZE IN DROP DOWN 5mm opening Learn More
  2. Areng Wooden Hoop Plugs

    Areng Wooden Hoop Plugs

    $ 14.95
    Sold in pairs (2pc) Circular wood hoop plug Handcrafted Dark areng wood Pick your size 8G - 5/8" Learn More
  3. Black Glass Coils

    Black Glass Coils

    $ 14.95
    Sold in pairs (2 pieces) Handcrafted Borosilicate glass Pick from 8G - 00G Size / gauge will vary + / - by 0.4mm Learn More
  4. Black Glass Captive Ring

    Black Glass Captive Ring

    $ 9.95
    SOLD INDIVIDUALLY (1 piece) Hand crafted Soda lime glass Each piece will be slightly unique in color & pattern NOTICE: 0G and 00G will have small pins to hold rubber bead in place (see img) Pick from 6G - 00G 1/2" (13mm) & 5/8" (16mm) inner diameters Sizes can vary + / - by 1mm Learn More
  5. 22% off
    Acrylic Simple Color Plugs

    Acrylic Simple Color Plugs

    Regular Price: $9.00

    Special Price $6.99

    Sold in pairs (2 pieces) 2 "O" rings for each plug Acrylic Pick size & color Learn More