Plugs & Tunnels

Ear Gauges & Plugs

Plugs and Tunnels are designated for all of your stretched piercing needs! We carry a large variety of sizes that range from a 16 gauge to 3 inches. When you shop our Plug and Tunnel collection you will notice that there is something for everyone! We carry a diverse selection of materials for your comfort! These include glass, stone, wood titanium, bone, horn, acrylic and stainless steel. You will step your stretching game up a notch with the variety of colors, sizes and materials we have to offer! It doesn’t matter if you are looking for double flares, no flare or single flares, we have them all!

  1. Clear Ear Skins Gauges

    Clear Silicone Ear Skins

    $ 7.95
    Sold in pairs (2 pieces) Sizes: 6G - 2inch Squishy Double Flares For healed piercings Learn More
  2. Clear Acrylic Plugs

    Clear Acrylic Plugs

    $ 6.99
    Sold in pairs Double Flares Wearable surface: 10mm Perfect work, school, interviews 8G - 1 inch Acrylic Learn More
  3. Hypnotic Glass Plugs Gauges

    Hypnotic Glass Plugs

    $ 11.99
    These are sold in pairs Crazy hypnotic spiral glass design Double Flares Handcrafted Each piece is unique We do our best to provide you a matching pair 2G - 3/4" 9mm -11mm wearable area Learn More
  4. Sesame Jasper Stone Plugs

    Sesame Jasper Stone Plugs

    $ 11.99
    Sold in pairs (2 pieces) Double flares Pick from 6G - 1 & 1/2" inch Sesame jasper stone Each and every plug will be slightly different due to the nature of the stone We do our best to provide you a matching pair 11mm-12mm wearable area Learn More
  5. Clear Owl Plugs

    Clear Owl Plugs

    $ 8.99
    Pick from 2G - 15/16" Learn More
  6. Iridescent Star Glass Plugs

    Iridescent Star Glass Plugs

    $ 15.00
    Sold in pairs Iridescent star design on the front Double flares Pick from 2G - 5/8" Length: 10mm Learn More
  7. Clear Custom Image Plugs

    Clear Custom Image Plugs

    $ 8.99
    Sold in pairs (2 piece) Screw off the front and insert your own picture Pick from 0G - 1 inch Acrylic Length: 10mm. Wearable area: 6mm Learn More
  8. Tourmalated Quartz Plugs

    Tourmalated Quartz Plugs

    $ 40.00
    Sold in pairs (2pc) Double flares Natural Tourmalted quartz Bright colors and unique textures 10mm length These plugs have an amazing color pattern to them. Each and every plug will be 100% different. We do our best to provide you a matching set but not guaranteed. This is a completely natural quartz. Its almost impossible to match an identical pair. If you would like to see a picture of the pair you will be sent please don't hesitate to email customer service. Hand made. Learn More
  9. Message in a Bottle Plugs

    Message in a Bottle Plugs

    $ 9.95
    Sold in pairs (2 pieces) 2 black "O" rings for each plug Available in 00G, 1/2", 9/16", 5/8" Glass 00G - 18mm length 1/2" - 20mm length 9/16" - 25mm length 5/8" - 33mm length Learn More
  10. Crystal Quartz Stone Plugs

    Crystal Quartz Stone Plugs

    $ 11.95
    Sold in pairs (2 pieces) Crystal quartz Handcrafted NOTICE: each plug will be unique in color and pattern We do our best to provide a matching set Double flare. Flat sides 8G - 4G: 1.5mm flare 2G - 38mm: 2mm flare 8G - 1 Inch: 12mm length 28mm - 38mm: 13mm length Sizes can vary + / - by 1mm Learn More