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Plugs and Tunnels are designated for all of your stretched piercing needs! We carry a large variety of sizes that range from a 16 gauge to 3 inches. When you shop our Plug and Tunnel collection you will notice that there is something for everyone! We carry a diverse selection of materials for your comfort! These include glass, stone, wood titanium, bone, horn, acrylic and stainless steel. You will step your stretching game up a notch with the variety of colors, sizes and materials we have to offer! It doesn’t matter if you are looking for double flares, no flare or single flares, we have them all! Shop Glass Plugs | Kaos Plugs | Stone Plugs | Teardrop Plugs | Wood Plugs

  1. Labradorite Stone Plugs

    Grade A Labradorite Stone Plugs

    $ 19.99
    Sold in pairs (2pc) Double flares Natural Labradorite stone 10mm length


    These plugs have an amazing color pattern to them in the right angle of the light. Each and every plug will be 100% different. We do our best to provide you a matching set but not guaranteed. Hand made. This is a completely natural stone. Its almost impossible to find an identical pair. The colors are not present in the stone, its the light that brings the colors out Each plug will have small cracks & dents. This is a not a design flaw, its just the natural texture of the plug. If you would like to see a picture of pair you will be sent please don't hesitate to email customer service. Due to the overwhelming popularity of this item, requests for pictures can only be done once a purchase has been made. If you would like to pick a certain shade/flash, please use the customer comment section during checkout. You can request to see pictures of the item you would be sent before shipping and then can pick which item you would like. Learn More