Blue Internally Threaded Tunnel Plugs


8G - 1/2"

If you’re looking for something bright, bold, attractive, yet still simple and elegant, then these beautiful cobalt blue plugs would be an excellent choice.
Single flare plugs and internally threaded and feature a 10mm wearable area.
They are made from blue acrylic that is sure to be eye-catching but not too overbearing.
The plugs are available in any of the following many sizes: 8 gauge (3.2mm), 6 gauge (4mm), 4 gauge (5mm), 2 gauge (6mm), 0 gauge (8mm), 00 gauge (10mm), and 1/2 inch (12mm).

These are sold in pairs

Royal blue

Single Flares

Internally threaded

10mm wearable area

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