10 Stone Plugs You Will Love & How to Care for Them

If you have sensitive ears or are looking to continue stretching your ears, stone plugs are a great option; first, stone is highly unlikely to irritate sensitive skin, unlike many metals, and second, the larger they are, the heavier they tend to be, which is helpful if you wish to stretch to a larger size. Stone plugs are also extremely versatile, as there are so many types to choose from. However, if you do wish to wear them, it’s important that you know how to care for them.

Tips for Caring for Stone Plugs

Much like any other jewelry material, you will need to clean your stone plugs occasionally. Not only does this keep them looking their best, but stone plugs are known to easily absorb odors. Since they’re sitting in a place where tons of dead skin cells build up, they can get pretty smelly. Not to mention the bacteria that can build up if they’re not kept clean and sanitary.

Use Soft Cloth or a Brush with Soft Bristles Only

While it’s easy to think that caring for stone plugs must be a complicated process, the truth is that it’s relatively simple. The one important tip to remember is that they must be cleaned with either a soft cloth or a brush with soft bristles. This is because anything rough can damage the jewelry.

Plug Cleaning Cloth

Wash Your Stone Plugs Using Fragrance Free Antibacterial Soap

One of the great things about stone plugs is the fact that they’re made from a natural resource. This means that they’re slightly more water resistant than other jewelry materials and can withstand a bit more washing. Using lukewarm water, gently wash your plugs using fragrance free antibacterial soap. If your plugs have little grooves or carvings, using a soft-bristled brush will help you get in and clean those areas.

Make Sure Your Stone Plugs Fully Dry

Another important step of caring for your stone plugs is making sure they dry properly. After you’re done washing them, it’s recommended to let them dry for a full 12 hours. You can also rub a little dab of olive oil on them to make them really shine.

10 Stone Plugs with Awesome Spiritual Benefits

These days crystal shops are becoming more and more popular as many people are reaping the spiritual benefits that they offer. Gemstones like rose quartz, amethyst, and more have become extremely trendy. So, why not reap the spiritual benefits of crystals and gemstones by wearing them in your ears? Here’s a list of 10 stone plugs with awesome spiritual benefits:

Rose Quartz

This is a cloudy pink colored stone and is also referred to as the “heart stone.” This is because rose quartz is known to promote love—whether it’s self-love or romantic love. Some of the other spiritual benefits of rose quartz include:

  • it inspires compassion
  • it can promote feelings of peacefulness or calm

Rose Quartz Stone Plugs / Ear Gauges


Believe it or not, amethyst crystals have been popular for quite some time, and not just for their gorgeous purple color. In fact, the word amethyst can be traced back to the ancient Greek word “amethystos,” which means sober. The ancient Greeks believed that amethyst would help bring a solid, sober mindset to people. They were placed in goblets to help prevent inebriation!

Some of the benefits amethyst is supposed to bring people include:

  • cleansing and calming energy
  • protection from negative energies
  • clarity of mind

Amethyst Stone Plugs / Gauges


If you’re looking for another type of purple stone, moondevite is a great choice. It brings a wealth of spiritual benefits, including:

  • it aids in calm responses and prevents overreaction
  • it brings hope
  • it is said to aid in bringing strong energies of abundance
  • it is associated with all kinds of love
  • it is said to bring emotional stress relief
  • it is said to benefit the function of the pituitary gland
  • Moondevite is also known as Lepidolite

Moondevite Stone Gauges / Plugs


If you’re looking for a stone with a lot of variety in its appearance, sodalite is an excellent choice. Appearing in shades of royal blue or purple with white specks, it is truly a beautiful stone. In fact, its name comes from the ancient Greek for salt stone. While it hasn’t been used for healing benefits as long as some of the other stones on this list, it does offer some tremendous spiritual healing, such as:

  • it can boost self-esteem and communication
  • it is known to be calming
  • it is referred to as the “Poet’s Stone” because it can help you tap into your inner creativity and also see the beauty of the world around you
  • it influences you to think more positively about people and the world

Single Flare Blue Sodalite Stone Plugs / Gauges


Named after the biblical seraphim and seraphim angels, Seraphinite is a gorgeous stone that ranges from dark green to dark gray. It also has a cat eye effect, which produces inclusions that resemble feathers, which is how this stone got its name.

The spiritual benefits of seraphinite include:

  • it can aid connection to the spiritual world
  • it can enhance physical and spiritual detoxification
  • it can encourage positive energy

Seraphinite Stone Plugs

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is one of the most well-known gemstones, even for people who don’t seek out crystals and stones for their spiritual benefits. This stone has gorgeous golden-yellow bands throughout a darker brown color.

Some of the spiritual benefits of this stone include:

  • It is commonly used for protection
  • It can help you focus
  • It is known to bring good luck
  • It helps rid you of anxiety
  • It promotes mental clarity

Single Flare Tigers Eye Stone Plugs / Gauges

Clear Quartz

This stone is a great option if you’re looking for natural, clear colored plugs. Clear quartz is easy to find because it’s one of the most abundant minerals. However, despite its abundance, it offers unique spiritual benefits. This stone is known as the “master healer,” in that it both absorbs and stores as well as releases and regulates energy. Many also believe that it helps boost concentration and enhances memory too.

Crystal Quartz Stone Plugs

Black Flame Petrified Palm Root

Coming from Indonesia, the Black Flame Petrified Palm Root is a beautiful stone with beautiful earthy tones contrasted against black. The stone takes millions of years and great pressure to form, as Indonesian Palm Wood and its roots are transformed into crystal formations. This stone is said to help balance emotions, ease feelings of depression or anxiety, defeat fear, and help prevent negative repetitive behaviors.

Black Flame Petrified Palm Root


If you’re looking for a green stone plug, this one is perfect. Typically appearing apple-green, this stone does have instances where it is a deep green. This stone gets its unique color from nickel compounds. Another interesting fact about this stone is that it is composed of tiny crystals that are so fine they can’t even be detected with magnification. The name comes from the Greek words for gold (chrysos) and green (prasinon). Spiritually, crysoprase is known as “the stone of Venus.” It is most known for bringing optimism, happiness, and joy; it is also said to bring a calming energy.

Chrysoprase Stone Plugs

Graveyard Point Plume Agate

Hailing from eastern Oregon, this stone got its name due to its feathery like colored sections amidst a transparent background. These feathery parts of the stone can be a variety of colors, including: white, pink, red, black, yellow, orange, grey, and brown. Graveyard Point Plume Agate provides great spiritual benefits. For example, it is said to help build self-confidence, remove negative energies from the body, and assist in making important decisions in life.

Graveyard Point Plume Agate Stone Plugs

Whether you’re looking for beautiful stone jewelry for its aesthetic, spiritual benefits, or both, Urban Body Jewelry has a wide range of stone plugs for you to choose from. Browse through our collection today.

Written by Jackie Rachel

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