14 Popular Ear Piercing Selections

Popular Ear Piercings

Ear piercings can be so varied based on location and can set a whole new style depending on where you select to place that all important hole. The question is where to pierce on the ear? Some locations hurt more than others and certain locations only allow for one type of jewelry to be used, whereas other locations can accommodate a variety of jewelry styles.

When piercing the outer rim cartilage area of the ear with piercings such as:

1. Helix - piercings up the outer rim of the cartilage

2. Orbital - piercings on the top of the ear cartilage close enough together for a ring Forward

3. Helix - three piercings on the cartilage near the side of the head

4. Ear Weaving - this piercing is like several rings but it is one solid spiral piece weaved through the upper ear cartilageTypes of Ear Piercings

5. Auricle - this piercing is on the middle of the outer part of your ear (and one of the most painful)

6. Industrial - this piercing is actually two through the widest part of the top of your ear

7. Transverse lobe - this piercing is horizontally pierced in the earlobe

You can use studs, labret studs with the disc on the backside, and barbells can be used for all of these types of piercings. Rings, captive bead rings, and heart shaped rings are best along the outer edge or the lobe, but not as good for the industrial piercing, which is quite long and is best with a barbell. The transverse lobe piercing is best done with a barbell.

There are also the inner parts of the ear that are also great for piercing, such as:

8. Tragus - the piercing in the cartilage that flaps over the ear canal

9. Anti-tragus - this piercing is directly across the from the tragus

10. Conch - this is the piercing that goes through the main bowl of the ear

11. Rook - this piercing goes through the cartilage fold in the upper ear

12. Snug - this piercing goes through the inner ear ridge near the outer rim

13. Daith - this piercing goes through the innermost cartilage fold in the ear

Most of the inner ear piercings are barbells and rings. The conch piercing can be a labret, so that it is flat where it rests against your head. The rest of the inner piercings are most likely labret studs that don’t cause problems with your ear shape or function. There is also the standard ear piercing that can be stretched. The involves stretching the earlobe by gradually increasing the ear lobes size with a taper. The plugs are decorative tools as they can be made of glass, acrylic, silicone, wood, stone, steel, and titanium. The stretching process can take a while, but looks pretty interesting in the end when you can see-through your jewelry and your ear. Regardless of the jewelry you select, the ear is a wonderful place to pierce to your heart’s content. The piercings can be as unique as you are and are a great way to express yourself.